Multivision said i have to contact iiyama??????

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 12:28 18 Feb 2003

I recently bought a computer from Multivision and with it you get a 3 year on-site warranty and then a 3 year return to base warranty as some of you will know.

I started having problems with my monitor almost as soon as i got it...the display was always changing in shape and size and even though i saved it in the settings it still changed.

So yesterday i thought i would get on to tchnical support...after leaving a message on their answering machine as they were busy..i got a call back. I explained the problem and they told me i had to phone up iiyama and tell them.

Why do I have to do this?

Why can't they do it ...or just come and swap it with a new one...AM i being unreasonable to expect this?

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:40 18 Feb 2003

Legally then no its unlikely that you should be the one to contact iiyama.

However, its not going to be any harder speaking to them than it is to Multivision. They are a good company. Recently had a Viglen supplied monitor replaced by them under the Viglen warranty without any problems at all.

  €dstow 12:45 18 Feb 2003

They're trying to fob you off. Your contract is with Multivision.

What do they thing 3 year warranties are?

Don't put up with any rubbish from them. Tell them they're in the wrong and that you want something done about - quickly!


  Stuartli 12:47 18 Feb 2003

The swap out warranty is usually provided by the manufacturer so I presume Mesh is right in this instance.

However, I have an iiyama S702GT, one of two I bought from dabs in 1999, the other being intended for my son.

I discovered that one of the monitors (mine!) was a return and still had the return note in the box as well as opened packaging.

I didn't bother with dabs but contacted iiyama direct; I was given superb service including apologies for dabs' behaviour (I fully intended iiyama to be aware of what had happened), immediate despatch of a new monitor for next day delivery and collection of the "secondhand" one.

So I would contact iiyama as soon as possible.

  Stuartli 12:48 18 Feb 2003

Don't know where I got Mesh's name from...

  €dstow 12:57 18 Feb 2003

Your contract is still with Multivision. If it is a requirement for you to contact Iiyama, this should have been made clear beforehand.

Why should you have to go to any trouble sorting this out?

You state this is a recent purchase with a considerable warranty attached - you no doubt paid a lot of money for this and they should show at least some enthusiasm to fulfil their part of the arrangement.

It has been said many times before that many of these warranties are not worth a bean - this looks like one of them.


  MAJ 13:14 18 Feb 2003

I think, €dstow, that the warranty is Multivision's own warranty as it seems to be the standard warranty supplied with all/most of Multivision's PCs, rather than being one of those (spit) "extended warranties". But I agree with you €dstow, it is Multivision's responsibility to get it sorted, but if a 'phonecall to Iiyama gets it sorted quicker, as the guys have hinted at, I would give that route a try first, knowing you can still fall back/pounce on Multivision, if that route doesn't help.

  €dstow 13:55 18 Feb 2003

3 year on site and 3year RTB as standard is extraordinarily generous! Pity they fail at the first hurdle!;-))


  wee eddie 15:33 18 Feb 2003

I am not doubting anything. However, many PC Warrantries are for the PC only. The Manufacturer relying on the Monitor Manufacturers Warrantry to cover that side of things.

This may turn out to be a small print job!

Multivision would not necessarily be out of line on this Monitor thing.

  MAJ 15:36 18 Feb 2003

It sure is generous, €dstow, but as you say, SpyMan²°°­­³'s story doesn't instill much confidence, does it?

  Djohn 15:55 18 Feb 2003

SpyMan²°°­­³, not sure of the legal requirements of your warranty, but I do know that if you contact iiyama, they will swap your monitor for you, probably much quicker than your supplier could.

If it is very new, IE: less than a couple of months old, they will give you a new one, if not then the swap-out will be as good as a new one, usually next day delivery.

They will deliver you a new monitor and pick up the existing one at the same time.

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