Multivision Nexus Laptop

  GeoffMajor 20:36 11 May 2003

I am thinking of buying the above, and wonder whether anyone has already bought one. The price is very tempting but I am bit worried by some of the comments I have read about the customer service provided by Multivision. I am very keen to buy a laptop which has a native screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (XGA), as my eyesight won’t cope with 1400 x1050!

  kentylad 21:26 19 May 2003

I am in the very same position as youself. I have a friend who is ordering a laptop for myself, tomorrow and I have only just recently discovered the bad press regarding Multivision.

Is there anyone out there who has bought the XPlorer laptop, or the Nexus laptop?

Kind regards


  GeoffMajor 13:59 21 May 2003

Thanks for your posting Nick.

I understand from Multivision that their delivery time for the Nexus is roughly two weeks. I have done a lot of research into the laptop market over the last two weeks, and if you haven't ordered from them yet, can give you some suggestions for other possibilities.

  kentylad 16:02 21 May 2003

Well I am currently pretty set on Multivision, as like yourself, I have done a fair amount of research into the market and this was probably the best sub-1000 laptop (inc. vat)

However, I may be interested in the other companies which you have found



  GeoffMajor 13:13 22 May 2003


Well firstly, if you haven't already discovered it, click here is a very useful source of information, and that is where I found out about the Toshiba 2430-402 (Desktop P4 2.53 512Mb RAM 40GB Hard Drive DVD/CDRW 15" XGA Screen 56k LAN 32MB nVidia GeForce 4 GO Graphics) for £999 including VAT. This Toshiba is available from PC World and Micro Anvika. Micro Anvika offer free delivery. I ordered one from them yesterday and hope to receive it tomorrow or on Saturday.

If you would prefer the same chassis as the Multivision Nexus and 64Mb graphics then try the Soprano range on click here.

Another option would be the Pico Innovator/Rock Quaddra XT or the better priced clone D410S
available from Dimension Technology (tel 0208 830 1958).

Finally, if you want to spend up to £1200, you might want to consider the new Aries Precision 5200 from Watford Electronics. This Centrino laptop is not yet shown on their website, but appears in the Watford adverts in the July magazines.

I hope the above is of use. If I can be of any more help please e-mail me at [email protected]

Please let me know what you decide to buy.


  kentylad 13:55 05 Jun 2003

Multivision: 2 days late with delivery and counting.............

Shame the service doesn't match their prices

  kentylad 11:39 26 Jun 2003

Well, I take back everything I have said about Multivision. I received my XPlorer laptop yesterday and I was amazed of the quality.

I am happily sat in my living room surfing the net through my wireless network on a better than expected Multivision Laptop

Well worth the wait

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