james213654 14:28 08 Jan 2004

As i am in the market to buy a new PC, i called multivision to see what they can offer, however they are no longer taking any orders according to the message on there phone lines. What is going on? If they have gone bust then how come there were no rumours? Actually in middle of writing this thread i have come acrros this article. click here

  anchor 14:40 08 Jan 2004

As they have "ceased trading", I assume that the answer is Yes.

  GroupFC 16:57 08 Jan 2004

I'm with anchor (hi, how are you doing?), the article you linked to certainly seems to point that way. I think I am right in saying that Multivision is not a limited company but a partnership, which could be bad news for the partners!

This is a shame because one of the reasons I bought my PC just about 15 months ago was because of the excellent reviews the system had in PCA at that time but influenced by the excellent warranty. This is presumably now not worth the paper it is written on!

Never mind, at least I know where to come if (when?) I have any prblems!

  GroupFC 16:58 08 Jan 2004

Like spelling - LOL!!

  fonzerelli_79 17:00 08 Jan 2004

im glad i read this as i was thinking about getting a laptop from them

  Stuartli 17:10 08 Jan 2004

I seem to remember, when Multivision was in its infancy, that it supplied hi-spec systems for review that were never actually available to purchase at the prices stated in the tests.....

  rickf 17:35 08 Jan 2004

I think its sad that manufacturers are having such a difficult time not to mention the number of people who are going to become jobless. The fact is that more and more people are building their own and upgrading rather than buying a complete system. The fast pace of technology and the ever increasing production of new technology is perhaps another reason for the demise of manufacturers of full systems.

  Forum Editor 18:48 08 Jan 2004

to see a manufacturer come to this - it does nothing to help the industry, and it creates an uneasy atmosphere.

The computer market is never an easy place to trade - competition is very fierce, and the goalposts are constantly being moved, it's very much a case of the survival of the fittest.

  accord 18:57 08 Jan 2004

there website has an updated datd 6/1/04

there is no mention of cease of trading anywhere

click here

  The Regster 19:09 08 Jan 2004

It is sad news indeed that Multivision has ceased trading. I must admit to a vested interest here mind, I purchased a Multivision (MV) PC the September before last - so there were still 20 months of warranty remaining.

What made me choose MV in the first place was price, followed by the reviews in magazines (including PCA) and last of all the warranty that they offered (3 years).

It did occur to me when making my selection of spec, manufacturer and so on that the warranty may not last the course. However, the price was up with the best - so off I went and ordered from MV.

From their demise it appears that the combination of low price and long warranty was unsustainable

Bear with me, I am getting to the point...

It sometimes amazes me just how many people appear in this forum (and others), castigating support offered by manufacturers and demanding immediate solutions to problems with purchases (not just new PC's).

Surely the example MV has just set is that manufacturers literally cannot afford to square the circle demanded by consumers who want lowest price and maximum support. Something has to give.

If you want a cheap PC, by one at the best spec and lowest price you can afford. Then hope for the best. You will probably get lucky. Alternatively, pay a hefty premium for a PC or extended warranty that offers the level of guaranteed support that allows you to sleep at night. That's the real choice.

Consumer legislation exists to ensure that basic standards of service and quality are upheld, so in most cases (and as long as you use a credit card), a safety net is in place. For anything over and above that, people must start to realise that it is going to cost.

I have often wondered how long a company would last if it was upfront and admitted that its' prices were high, but included full technical support that met the sort of expectations people appearing in this forum seem to have? If there was a market for this then why has it not flourished?

I think we all know the answer. People tend to follow their wallets (or purses).

So farewell MultiVision - your contribution to enhancing consumer value and choice will be greatly missed.

  sdf 20:08 08 Jan 2004

I quite agree with The Regester about the relationship between price and service. I am a MV customer and never expected a lot of service or help from them with their prices, but having bought laptop in september time last year from them specially because of the huge warranty (3 years) this is a pain. Laptops are not the sorta thing you could replace one faulty part on easily or anything - they really do need people in the know, unlike desktops that are more accesseble. I was never going to use the helpline or anything but it was nice to know with when it goes wrong it would be repaired. As seeing the problems I've had with it so far I now dread to think what will happen in a year or so's time. I do feel for those who have lost their jobs, so all round it is bad news. It'd be interesting to know what happened

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