shunter 21:46 26 Feb 2003

Forgive the long diatribe but....I am feeling a little guilty as less than a year ago I recommended my mum in law buy a system from Multivision. This was on the strength of a system that I purchased from them about 3 years ago and had only 1 minor software problem with which Multivision fixed quickly (1 week turn-around)and a charge of £22 + VAT. Recently (1 month ago)my mum in law had problems connecting to the Internet. I mumbled lots about Freeserve... BT and even Windows XP. In the end having tried out various suggestions some of which were posted on the PC Advisor forum (I've been reading PCA for about 4 years or so now)I suggested she contact Multivision and seek thier advice using the "1 year on site + 3 years RTB/Labour" warranty that came with the PC. This is where the probs started. 5 messages left on the permenantly engaged answer phone to the Tech Line got her no where not even a phone call back. In the end she rang Sales and got straight through!! Very helpful chap said he'd pass the message on and get someone to ring her back asap. Nothing for 24 hours! Tried again left message at last someone rang back. First XP was blamed and a complete re-load of XP was precribed.. followed by drivers which the Tech Help forgot to mention when XP was being re-loaded. After several days of missed calls and no joy etc finally agreed to send engineer, who was due at 15.00 today(26/2) but failed to show not even so much as a phone call to say he would not be there or why. A day off work wasted. Back to square one try to contact Multivision tomorrow to find out what's going on doubtless it will take quite a few attempts to get through. This is just my way of getting rid of some of my guilt that I feel.

  Forum Editor 23:45 26 Feb 2003

but I'm sure your Mother-in-law realsies that this isn't in any way your fault.

Let's hope that tomorrow's phone call results in some action - perhaps you'll let us all know how you get on?

  shunter 16:22 27 Feb 2003

Update - Call left early this morning (09.00)on Tech Help line. No response by 14.00. Customer Services contacted after hanging on for nearly 5 mins. Advised of problem with "No show" engineer, could not advise as to why he'd not called. Promised faithfully to re-book engineer (another day off work!!!) and call back by 17.00 today. Watch this space.

  shunter 12:35 28 Feb 2003

Well you guessed it no phone call yesterday afternoon. So mum in law has given up. I emailed Multivisions feedback yesterday and asked them to check out this thread. They've come back to me asking for some details which I've given and have not heard anything since.....

  shunter 13:02 28 Feb 2003

Success - Phone call offering apologies from Multivisions on site engineers via Multivision and promise to be on site first thing Monday morning!! Will hopefully close this on Monday!!

  bfoc 13:19 28 Feb 2003

I do understand your frustration.

So far you have lost two days of work. That is a very major cost. You (or Mum-in-Law to be precise) have lost the proper use of the machine. You have incurred additional costs in phone calls and time to sort matters out.

In law Multivision should be liable for these costs and perhaps they need to be told so.

It could also be argued that since support is an integral part of the item they are selling the repeated failure to provide the appropriate support, leading to the loss of use of the machine means that the item is not of 'merchantile quality' under the sale of goods act.

I would certainly consider doing the following:

1. Writing a strongly worded letter making all the above points and including a brief 'diary' of what has happened, and referring to this thread.

2. Make clear that you understand that you are entitled in law to receive what you paid for, which is a fully working machine and appropriate support. Also point out that you have, generously, given them ample opportunity to put right matters and they have repeatedly failed to do so.

3. State that you are willing, without prejudice to your rights as a consumer, to allow them one final chance to put matters right and that you expect to receive a very prompt phone call to arrange a suitable and confirmed time for an engineer to call.

4. Explain that if they do not reply within 7 days, or do not rectify matters as agreed, you will be left with no choice but to return the item for a full refund as it is not either of the required quality nor even as described, since they are unable or unwilling to provide the contractual support.

5. Also make clear that their failures have caused you major inconvenience, expense and embarrassment and that you will require some form of recompense for this.

6 Finally state that you are very disappointed about the lack of support you have received and mention the fact that you have received advice and support from PC Advisor Forums and that the matter is being followed closely. Appeal to them to be sensible and sort this matter out before it escalates any further.

I would fax the letter, keeping a record of the transmission and also send it by one of the signed delivery services. If you can find the name of a senior person address it to them.

Just my thoughts and I hope you get sorted. It is always much worse when other people you have helped get into problems!

  bfoc 13:21 28 Feb 2003

By the time I've typed my thoughts things have moved on!

Ah Well!

  Black Paw 12:48 01 Mar 2003

Following a recent review in PCA I looked at buying a Multivision PC - unfortunately after 5 lots of approx 20 mins hanging on an 0870 number for both customer service and sales I decided that if they couldn't be bothered to answer the phones I go elsewhere. Sorry about your probs but based on their none response I'll now definitely NOT be buying from Multivision - perhaps they need to understand that they need to provide customer service in order to keep and attract customers !! Hope you get your probs sorted.

  shunter 14:16 03 Mar 2003

Engineer called this morning, said modem was not problem/faulty but replaced it anyway. Now seems to work or at least AOL is back on line!! Only taken in excess of 2 weeks to resolve. Still all's well that ends well I suppose.

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 15:21 03 Mar 2003

I am surprised that multivision didn't refer you to the modem manufacturer to sort out. See my post click here

  shunter 11:01 04 Mar 2003

SpyMan - Having read your tail of woe I too am surprised this was not the case as well. I kept reading your developments with interest whilst waiting for Multivision to get back to me!! Still the problem has finally been sorted in my case!

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