Multiple monitor graphics card.

  m800afc 23:41 11 Dec 2006

I would like advice on purchasing a graphics card that will enable me to run multiple monitors on my PC (2 actually!) I do not play games, but do a lot of photo processing and creative artwork, so it will have to be a pretty good spec. According to my device manager my current card is a Radeon 9700 Pro, and I would prefer not to go to a lower quality. I use my present monitor at 1280 x 1024. It is an Iiyama Visionmaster Pro 454. If possible I would prefer to use one card rather than two.

  anskyber 10:00 12 Dec 2006

Yours will do it. You have a DVI and analogue socket so you can run two screens. The analogue is almost as good as DVI for quality.

  m800afc 10:40 12 Dec 2006

I have two analogue monitors. Is it possible to get an adaptor so I can run the second monitor off the DIV-I?

  anskyber 11:36 12 Dec 2006

yes eg. click here

  anskyber 11:37 12 Dec 2006

Assuming your is a DVI-I

  anskyber 11:39 12 Dec 2006

More info on the formats. click here

  m800afc 23:09 12 Dec 2006

I have looked at the site offering the adaptor cable and it says:
"Please note: The DVI-A connector used in this cable mates to the analogue pins incorporated in the DVI-I interface to send the analogue signal to the VGA input of your monitor. It does not convert DVI digital signals to VGA analogue!"
So, using the adaptor, will I be able to use an analogue monitor via the DV-I socket on the Radeon 9700 card?

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