Multiple Drive External enclosures

  explicitlyrics100 21:30 27 May 2006

Hi there,

I have been looking (with no success) for an external enclosure that can hold multiple hard drives. The inside of my case is packed with drives (backup of backup for 1000+ users) and I have decided I want to add some more. I understand the options to me, use TAPE/NAS etc, however, it just doesnt quite warrant it and I would rather stick a couple of external drives onto the machine.

I dont mind about the features of the enclosure (Raid etc) but just a cheap place to stick a few hard drives, 4 maybe. Ideally IDE interface aswell.


  DieSse 21:45 27 May 2006

They certainly exist - put ... external multi drive enclosure ... into a Google search and you'll get to see some.

However, several single drive IDEtoUSB enclosures would likely be cheaper and more flexible.

OR - get a server, or full tower case, and fit some removeable caddies and a multi-IDE card, and you can acheive the same effect. Make sure the PSU is large enough if you take this rourte.

  Stuartli 21:48 27 May 2006
  explicitlyrics100 22:09 27 May 2006

I currently have a full tower and the drives are getting hot already (despite all fan bays being occupied), so I figured I would try external.

Several enclosures doesnt have the ease of installation/transport of a single drive though... I currently have 6 IDE channels and 4 SATA channels inside so there would be space for 16 drives, if they fitted.

I like the Firewire enclosure Stuartli, thanks, I might keep looking as ideally would be after something a bit cheaper, and ideally USB2.

Thanks again

  Stuartli 22:53 27 May 2006

This might provide some possibilities:

click here

  wint 23:02 27 May 2006

What about the Netgear SC101 Storage Central from many places, all around the same price.

It will hold 2 IDE (not SATA) drives and connects via a network connection & is accessible from any PC on your network. Not bought one yet but will when I get chance next week. I haven't found a better alternative - so far.

Amazon are about as good as any click here
Any use?

  tarkus 08:48 28 May 2006

i have the netgear unit (2 infact) with 4 x 300gig drives set up can recomend these but they are network storage devices and connect to your computer via a network cable not usb or firewire. they come with software that enables mirroring of each drive if thats what you want you also use its own file system not FAT or NTFS. these units are ideal if you have a local / home network and want to be able to share files folders etc between your computers have a look at the netgear forum for this product to see if it is suitable

click here

  explicitlyrics100 09:55 28 May 2006

Thanks for the responses everybody, I will investigate the Netgear further to see if the file system is reliable (as I will need tto reformat and copy the data to it).


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