Multimedia remote control

  Tecno Dan 13:30 15 Sep 2003

hi Guys,

I was browsing through some computer system reviews at lunch and found one system that came with a wireless remote that used USB. It could be used to control your DVD, audio and other multimedia software, you could also use it as a mouse. I just wondered if anyone knew where I could buy some thing like this?

I am aware that you can get remotes with all-in-one cards and the like, but im interested in a device that works independant of these cards.



  Webmaster 13:23 16 Sep 2003

Shuttle [click here] make one for their Shuttle XPCs however I am unsure as to whether it works with other machines. Might be worth emailing them to find out. I am sure there are other manufacturers of these out there though!

  Tecno Dan 19:57 16 Sep 2003

cheers, anyone know where I could get a multimedia remote from in the UK?


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