Multifuntion printers recommendations?

  Rayuk 17:27 30 Apr 2003

May be in the market for a multifunction printer/scanner/copier soon, does anyone have any recommendations.Fax function not really a requirement although sub £200 is.

  malgall 19:44 30 Apr 2003

a good place to look is click here
they have a reviews on multifunction devices

  spuds 19:59 30 Apr 2003

Check PC World out. They have some nice HP 4 in 1 printers at £99.95.I have had an HP OfficeJet 590 4 in 1 for about 4/5 years now. Great machine.

  alan_blue 21:18 30 Apr 2003

A friend of mine has just bought the new hp that spuds was talking about and i was very impressed with it .I don't know about the running costs though.

  Bald Eagle 21:31 30 Apr 2003

I have Lexmark X75. Good scanner and copier, also fax. Very quick and printing quality superb.~£80 if my memory serves me right.

  pj123 22:29 30 Apr 2003

Despite all the above comments, I have three people who have a Xerox 4 in 1. Having seen all three in operation, it reminds me of the saying "Jack of all trades - master of none".

The only plus I can see is the ink cartridges are only about £4.95 each. There are four cartridges, 1 black and three colour. Don't let me put you off though, I haven't seen the HP or Lexmark so maybe they are a better bet.

But do check out replacement ink cartridges.

  ajm 23:58 30 Apr 2003

I just recently bought a HP 2210 AIO with fax for £228.28 from PC World. its fantastic and the quality is much better in colour than my exisitng Epson 980.

  Coaster3 08:23 01 May 2003

The big drawback with this type of machine is that, if one thing goes wrong, you've lost the lot.

If you aren't bothered about fax, and with current prices so low, why not get yourself a decent printer and scanner?

  Rayuk 17:29 01 May 2003

I have a 680 printer and Canoscan scanner at the moment,the scanner is in the wardrobe until needed,am very much short on space + an old pc of mine has found its way to my brothers house so am taking this opportunity to solve a problem.
Have been looking today at ink costs,the HP2210 I like[over budget?]and at the moment am leaning towards an Epson3200 or 5200 as the ink costs look a lot more attractive.
If anyone has either of these their views would be appreciated.
Dont require fax that is why the Epsons seem a good solution.Agree on the drawback but can handle that,just hope it gives up while under warranty and not the week after.
Thanks for everyones input

  Rayuk 17:31 01 May 2003

PS The problem solving, being my printer and scanner will also wing its way to my brothers giving me a little extra £

  Tenner 18:21 01 May 2003

Enter 'multifunction' in search above and you'll find additiopnal comments from last October
click here
I'm not trying to admonish, just pointing this out as you can get more comments and quickly. Things move/change fast in computerworld, but it strikes me the main argumants are still ink costs and 'one down, all down' syndrome.

I'd go for separates on desk-top racking to save space.


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