Multifunction printers jargon buster needed

  Dragonfly2 10:39 24 May 2009

We're wanting to replace our multifunction printer (a Kodak 5300, loads of ink problems), now looking around, mainly at HP.

We've looked at various printers in the PC World website, done a comparison, and under "Format", what's the difference between these two:

a) Print, Copy + Scan and
b) Print, Copy, Scan

The HP Photosmart C4585 is listed as (a) above, and the 6380 as (b). Apparently both are standalone copiers. So what does it mean?

All help and comments welcome please! We want a printer that prints, copies and scans.

  Patr100 18:07 24 May 2009

A standalone copier usually means it can scan and print without neeeding to have a PC on or attached. ie behaves like an old fashioend basic photcocopier in addition to being able to work through a computer with all the extras that entails.

  DieSse 19:41 24 May 2009

"what's the difference between these two:

a) Print, Copy + Scan and
b) Print, Copy, Scan"

It means that probably different people wrote the two lines - which mean exactly the same.

  wee eddie 20:08 24 May 2009

is probably the Missing clue.

Possible extras.

Wireless, so that it can be networked.

Duplex, so that it can print on both sides of the paper.

Lots of memory, so that it can "store" jobs when more than one person tries to access it, over the Network, at roughly the same time.

  jack 20:07 25 May 2009

There is so much bunged onto kit these days one finishes up in a totally confused state and wind up picking the wrong one.
Most firms these days and HP in particular no longer actually make the items that bear their names.
HP certainly do design/specify kit and get it made,
so it is not surprising that what appears to be superficially the same item has differences in specification and description if they come from different sources

  DieSse 21:10 25 May 2009

The two descriptions mean the same thing.

The fact that they're different models with possibly other different functions has nothing to do with the given descriptions.

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