MSO 2007 (beta) expired

  snowy30 23:50 05 Feb 2007

Recently, when I starts Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, a message box appears saying the 'Beta software has expired'...And use Add/Remove to remove the beta software from the computer.

I got the beta version of Microsoft Office Professional + 2007 (beta) from a front cover disc of PCA Magazine last year.

Is there any way to prevent the message box popping up or remove it then install it again?

  wee eddie 00:18 06 Feb 2007

It said that it was Time Limited in several places

  Kate B 00:25 06 Feb 2007

Nope, if you want Office 2007 you'll have to buy it.

  rodriguez 00:26 06 Feb 2007

The Beta release that you got allows MS Office to be tested and will function like a full program. If it didn't expire at some point, then people would carry on using it for free instead of paying for the retail version. Anyway, if you want a free office suite you could try OpenOffice which is usually distributed with Linux but is similar to MS Office - click here.

  Forum Editor 00:45 06 Feb 2007

and your beta has time-expired. That's the whole idea, and if you want the software you'll now have to buy it, the beta copy will not install again.

  terryf 01:18 06 Feb 2007

For free get Open Office, will not expire and probably does every thing that you need, will read word docs and save as a word doc.and

  Forum Editor 06:57 06 Feb 2007

I haven't checked, but I doubt that Open Office will be able to save files in the new Office 2007 format - in fact I'm pretty sure it won't.

  Newuser38 20:00 06 Feb 2007

I received a thankyou for testing Office 2007 beta this week with a reminder that as I have downloaded the Technical refresh my beta expires on 31 March not 1 Feb.

It also said if you have not downloaded the Beta2 technical refresh it can be accessed on the Microsoft site. I think this was the upgrade to ensure Office 2007 Beta would be ok with Vista. Office still works for me but cannot be updated.

  terryf 00:54 07 Feb 2007

Forum Editor
Does that really matter, for most people using Word 2003 or Open Office Write means writing letters, thesis, memos, etc. and the .doc format may well be adequate. I haven't tried word 2007 but from reviews, I understand that the main difference is in the user interface - the ribbon, and IMO it is what is output that is important. Why change for change sake, for the majority the necessary learning curve may outweigh the presumed increase in productivity. In any case if there is a perceived need, the Open Office developers will probably work to meet that need. I still think the price benefit (£0) of OO compared with the UK rip-off prices defined by Msoft means that OO wins.

  snowy30 01:24 07 Feb 2007

Cheers Newuser38! Always somebody out there with some sort of answer :o)

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