MS Vista - Requirements/compatibility?

  Mysticnas 09:57 19 Sep 2005

Hi all,

Just have a few (possibly obvious) q's about Vista:

1: It's meant to be released in 2006, but does anyone have any idea of what Quarter it'll be in?

2: What are a min requirements for Vista?

3: Does anyone know of any specific compatibility issues hardware or software? eg. is there any current software that won't be able to run on vista, Adobe, 3D max, Office XP? I assume most things like drivers for current/past hardware will become available?

Thanks all.

  iscanut 10:37 19 Sep 2005

I suggest you ask these questions again in 12 months time !! Goalposts will be moved many times over the next year and I doubt that it will be on release in late 2006, more like new year 2007.

  Mysticnas 11:20 19 Sep 2005

...i see.

  Aspman 14:02 19 Sep 2005

Min requirements.

More than you'd like.

Lots of stories flying around.
Here is a link
click here

Summary - You'll need:

256Mb Video card
2Gb DDR3 memory

Vista uses vectors to generate the desktop which offloads a lot of the processing load to the grf card rather than the CPU.

It'll like dual core CPUS

New monitor to run HD video due to the trusted computing DRM.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:41 19 Sep 2005

"Common Hardware Guidelines
Minimum system requirements for the shipping version of Windows Vista are not final. Windows Vista beta 1 runs on a majority of modern computers that can run Windows XP, carry the "Designed for Windows XP" logo, have a mainstream processor from Intel or AMD, and have at least 512 MB of RAM.

Windows Vista provides the best possible user experience allowed by the graphics capabilities of each computer. In particular, Windows Vista takes advantage of the high-end graphics cards in many computers today. As graphics support is still being finalized, users who plan to purchase new PCs should consider specifying graphics cards with AGP or PCI Express interfaces, which are upgradable. For AERO effects video graphics cards should support: DirectX 9 with an LDDM driver, 32 bpp color depth, and 64 MB of graphics RAM."

  bremner 17:23 19 Sep 2005

MS will want to sell as many copies of Vista as it has XP.

The minimum spec will therefore be far less than you speculate - otherwise they ain't gonna sell many.

  LastChip 18:16 19 Sep 2005

The point is (I believe), Vista is effectively two systems in one.

In order to enjoy the full "Vista Experience" you will need a high end machine, BUT, it will also be capable of running in a reduced mode, to allow installation to lesser machines. Quite why you would wish to do that is open to speculation, as from what I have seen so far, it is not much more than a face lift of XP. Of course, Microsoft marketing would have you believe otherwise. But many of the "innovations" originally planned, have now been dropped - at least in the short term, so one has to ask, why bother to upgrade?

As regards a release date, Microsoft have said it will be released for the new school season next year, so a best guess is August/September 2006.

  Mysticnas 20:43 19 Sep 2005

BETA1 is released with bare-minimum of features. It's intended for developers to use for building drivers and software etc...

  Forum Editor 21:22 19 Sep 2005

and yes, it is a developer version, without many of the features that will be added later. When I get the beta2 release I expect to see far more by way of functionality.

  stalion 21:26 19 Sep 2005

ah! functionality I remember that

  wolfie3000 06:09 21 Sep 2005

im in two minds about vista on one hand i would love to use it and see its capebility but on the other hand it means buying a new pc as mine wont cut it not by a long shot and xp works fine i guess its a case of if it aint broken done fix it.

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