MS Ultimate Steal - Office 2007

  bremner 08:55 21 Sep 2007

In case you are not aware Microsoft have made Office 2007 Ultimate available to students for only £38.95 - click here

  Forum Editor 19:39 21 Sep 2007

of their cunning plan. Personally I think it's the bargain of the century - if you're a student, that is.

  Simsy 10:50 22 Sep 2007

if this can be installed on a laptop AND a desktop?

I know in the past that Office has been allowed to go on both on a single license, but I can't find the info on this.

Clicking on "Licensing terms" on the link brings a popup with the following;

"Perpetual Licence. Please refer to the Microsoft Software License Terms (MSLT) during the installation process for details around the licence terms for the product you are licensing."

..which doesn't help much!

Also, elsewhere on the details page it says;

"No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this promotion or these Terms and Conditions."

.. and that doesn't help much either!

(Researching this for my cousin whose about to start Uni as a mature student!)

I wonder if you could use your contacts to find out?

Thanks in anticipation,



  STREETWORK 19:11 22 Sep 2007

Would seem that you only get the 'key' and have to download the software, this can be dodgy...

  bremner 20:22 22 Sep 2007

You can also order a DVD


"If you don’t want to download, you can also order a physical DVD during the purchase process for a small charge."

  Forum Editor 10:21 23 Sep 2007

I see no reason why not - Microsoft recognised the need to allow for a laptop/PC installation combination a long time ago, and I would be very surprised if they have removed the option on this version.

I'll ask Microsoft, but don't hold your breath - it may take some time to get an answer; licencing queries are always escalated to a senior licencing person.

  techie4me 10:33 23 Sep 2007

I'm not a student so i cant take up this great offer.
But i'm sure the large amount of taxes i pay help to pay for the education of students from an early age of 5+.
Does that count?

  sunny staines 11:35 23 Sep 2007

its a shame my daughter has finished uni a great offer. if ms sold them retail at around £50 the home market in sales would take off.

  techie4me 14:15 23 Sep 2007

OpenOffice starts to look a lot nicer now!

  Josie2805 16:30 24 Sep 2007

Ordered this for my daughther and found this on FAQ questions page.
"Can I only install this software on one computer?
As with any Microsoft® Office software you buy at retail, you are licensed one copy of the software for use on one device and are allowed to install another copy on a portable device for use by the single primary user of the licensed device. "

  Simsy 17:21 24 Sep 2007



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