Ms shutting down XP after 2006????

  InquisitorNik 13:18 31 Jan 2003

is this not a great waste of money??? what are Ms trying to acheive?? as they are already losing people. is what ive been told true???

  L.H.F 14:23 31 Jan 2003


  JoeC 15:19 31 Jan 2003

It will be outdated by then anyway.

  misery 19:56 01 Feb 2003

the geeks who run Linux can make totally intuitive to the rest of us luddites! Roll on Linux!

  Stuartli 20:08 01 Feb 2003

You wouldn't like to keep buying exactly the same type and model of car every few years would you?

Otherwise we'd all still be running round in Ford Model Ts.

Four years before ending support is a long time for an OS, especially with the ongoing and staggering technological advances in other fields such as components, CPUs etc.

  Happy1 20:55 01 Feb 2003

I am quite looking forward to the new OS after XP which is not without its probs. I think its called longhorn or some such thing(Please correct me) It could be in super 3D or so I read and will be completely different. The picture I saw looks really good.

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:36 01 Feb 2003

XP in 6 years time will seem as good as Windows 3.1 does in another 6 years. Technology continues to move at such a pace, that even in 3 years time XP is going to look very out of place.

Happy1 you are correct, the next version of Windows is known as Longhorn, there are various betas out, though nothing offical to the general public.

Anyone thinking of buying a computer should do so, don't put it off thinking there is a new OS round the corner. There will ALWAYS be a new something round the corner.

  Forum Editor 23:55 01 Feb 2003

was originally intended to be a fairly minor upgrade for Windows XP, but the world has moved on since then. It will now be a major release, mainly featuring the much-vaunted Palladium security system. This is being developed jointly by Microsoft, Intel and AMD, and will function at the hardware level. In essence, Palladium will simply not allow any unauthorised code to run on a computer with the new hardware technology, and that means no more virus infections. It will also mean no more spam - it won't reach your machine, and there will be other advantages. Palladium will enable you to send a confidential email to someone and prevent them from forwarding it to anyone else. You'll be able to attach a Word document to an email, and ensure that it can only be read for say 7 days. Other controls will mean that you won't be able to download anything that might harm the computer - you'll decide what comes in and what doesn't.

This is all related to something that we'll hear a lot about over the coming year or so - DRM (Digital Rights Management), which will ensure that only those who are entitled to copy some software will be able to do it.

By the time Longhorn is in the shops there should be software and hardware to take full advantage of these new features. Computing will get safer, and of course we'll all be encouraged to invest. Whether we do so or not remains to be seen - my prediction is that we will. The world is tired of spam and viruses, and although for every lock there's a key, Palladium's security lock will take some breaking.

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