M&S Pay As You Go

  oresome 17:57 17 Apr 2006

I purchased one of these phones today from a Marks & Spencer store following research on their web site.

The phone will be little used and the attraction was the fact that credit lasts indefinitely according to details on the site, (although the phone is disconnected if not used once every 90 days.)

Prior to registering the phone, I read the 'getting started' booklet. Here it states that credit lasts 120 days and is then lost.

I have not registered the phone yet and am awaiting a reply from M&S.

I could have phoned the registration number, but prefer an explanation in writing just in case I have hassle in 120 days time.

No help required, but just to make other forum members aware of the anomally in the terms.

  Forum Editor 18:09 17 Apr 2006

The problem with indefinite-life credit is that it can slowly reduce in value if call charges rise, and I'm surprised that it was the attraction - if you're not contemplating making any calls for four months it's probably not worth having it in the first place is it?

Nevertherless, the disparity in the two information sources is interesting, and we'll look forward to seeing the final outcome.

  oresome 18:33 17 Apr 2006

"it's probably not worth having it in the first place is it?"

You could say the same with insurance, but it's invaluable when you need it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:09 17 Apr 2006

The trick with insurance is to make sure you buy it just in time for when you DO need it!

  Stuartli 11:29 18 Apr 2006

I'm with Virgin PAYG and credits last indefinitely.

In fact I only bought a mobile in August 2000 for emergency purposes or so people can contact me; at the moment I've still got around £3 credit left on only my second £10 voucher...:-)

  siouxah1 12:06 18 Apr 2006

"it's probably not worth having it in the first place is it?"
I would say that it is most definately worth it. For varying reasons I have a PAYG phone that is kept with me at all times. Covering emergencies.
I would expect that any monies paid would last untill I use it or the phone, me or the company goes bust.

  dunderheid 12:24 18 Apr 2006

I've had a PAYG phone with Orange for years, and don't use it much at all. It was bequeathed to me when the better half upgraded.

The only thing they do if you don't use the phone once in 90 days is allocate you a different number, which could be inconvenient.

  SG Atlantis® 12:52 18 Apr 2006

o2... you keep your credit and number. I have switched sim cards several times and put one particular sim back in after a LOT of months and there was still credit in it and it was still active.

  Ancient Learner 14:52 18 Apr 2006

Our PAYG Vodafone seems to keep its credit and number regardless of how little it is used, which is only emergencies and when we are away, and swopping the phone itself twice, but using the same sim-card, has caused no problem at all.

  PaulB2005 16:51 18 Apr 2006

Working from home means my mobile hardly gets used any more. T-Mobile PAYG £10 can last 3 or 4 months. In fact i believe it never runs out.

Anyone know what network M&S uses?

  PaulB2005 16:53 18 Apr 2006

It's T-Mobile and 120 days i'm afriad...
click here

How long does my credit last?
120 days.

Always thought things like this were a bit of a swizz. Why should you "use it or loose it??"

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