MS Office 2007 Prices!!!???

  J B 17:27 29 Nov 2006

Just had a read of this click here If this is anywhere near the truth, someone is extracting the micheal. J.B.

  anskyber 17:42 29 Nov 2006

Well we will see. If it is true or close to the truth we must assume they understand the market place rather better than you or I do.

For my part its got to fit into the got to be kidding mould.

  Kate B 17:54 29 Nov 2006

I imagine there will be an upgrade option which will be cheaper.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:06 29 Nov 2006

No one is forced to buy it and i would imagine that MS have some idea of what they can sell their kit at. If they can get that price, good luck. I don't know anyone who would accept the lowest offer for their goods.


  Kate B 18:28 29 Nov 2006

Incidentally, Amazon is selling Office 2003 Professional for £369 and quoting an RRP of £459, so £449 for 2007 Professional is actually a cut of £10.

  Jackcoms 18:33 29 Nov 2006

I think you'll find that this is a somewhat more sensible prove (if you can 'prove' you have an educational need for the product) click here (scroll to the bottom of he page).

  Jackcoms 18:34 29 Nov 2006

That should read "sensible price".

  fitshase 19:57 29 Nov 2006


The price at the bottom is for educational establishments. Scroll further down and you will see:-

"Pricing is provided for use by qualifying establishments only. It is NOT for use by students and staff for personal purchases. It does not constitute an offer and is subject to our terms & conditions of supply and the site terms & conditions. For students and staff purchases please visit our Student Site.
E. & O.E. All Prices are exclusive of VAT unless indicated otherwise."

Unless you are a qualifying educational establishment, this is not available. However, given the price of the Office 2003 Student and Teacher edition, I would expect Office 2007 to be around the £150 mark.

  terryf 20:50 29 Nov 2006

Come back Open Office, all is forgiven for being free, think of all the poor Microsoft shareholders that you are depriving.

  Colin 23:03 29 Nov 2006

It's strange that, considering the cost of any version of Microsoft Office, actually how many people have it on their own PC's. The same can be said of Adobe Photoshop. mmmm...

  sunny staines 05:57 30 Nov 2006

with the dollar being so poor it would be better to catch someone going to the U.S. to buy a copy there for you. it would be a be big saving. if going to N.Y. tell them to avoid canal street near china town its full of pirate software which the authorties overthere take a blind eye to.

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