MS office 2003 much!!

  matthew-293741 13:07 11 Dec 2003

Are these people having a laugh....430 quid (or thereabouts) for a copy of this...what i am a home business user?...nope i am just a lowly gamer who thought it was about time to upgrade from 97...sod that...i can get myself an nice XT pro for that sort of dosh!!

  duckers 13:31 11 Dec 2003

To be honest I am using Office 2003 Pro and its not that much different, it looks VERY NICE, a beautiful shade of blue!!! and the buttons are GORGEEEOOOOUUSSSS, but does it do anything better than 2002(XP)? I doubt it from what I have seen so far,,,,,. Its no surprise that Microsoft 'Drops Support' for an increasing number of applications these days, it is probably the only way they can convince people they need to upgrade and I dont know how much longer we ca take this crap from one of the biggest companies in computing...... ... .

  accord 18:22 11 Dec 2003

why not go for the office 2003 student version £120, its the same as the standard version but considerably cheaper. doesnt matter if you are not a student, just walk in and buy.

  Jester2K II 18:26 11 Dec 2003

Don't you have to prove eligibility?

  accord 18:37 11 Dec 2003

Jester2K II

nope, i went into PCWorld and just bought it. no questions or id required. job done.

  accord 18:40 11 Dec 2003

click here for a similar thread

  Jester2K II 18:43 11 Dec 2003

oh... I thought you bought an empty box with a form and then filled in a form enclosed to get the CD with proof of eligibility.

Right I'll remember next time - got a 15 year old at school...

  accord 18:50 11 Dec 2003

Jester2K II

thats what i did when i got office 97, buy the empty box, get tutor to sign the slip and send to M$.

  Worm of Doom 18:52 11 Dec 2003

I just bought Office 2003 Pro from click here - they had it on offer for students for around £94. I had to photocopy my university ID card and fax it off to them though.

  Simsy 19:25 11 Dec 2003

disappeared with the introduction of XP



  byfordr 16:10 12 Dec 2003

Aria have a OEM version for about £220 click here

Failing that borrow a kid for the day and get the student edition!

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