Is MS 2006 Digital Suite worthwhile?

  DennisD 02:02 11 Dec 2005

I'm currently using MS Digital Image Pro 9 phot software, & I'm wondering if the new 2006 Digital Suite is worth the upgrade. Here are the things I'm specicically interested in hearing from those using the 2006 version:

1) Can the 2006 Digital Suite receive updates via the internet? (Image Pro 9 couldn't, which seems oddly restrictive for MS software.)

2) I've seen reviews of the 2006 version, which can guzzle 400 MB of space. Is this for a full installation loaded with all of the templates & gunk, or do you have the option of doing a "typical" install that allows you to access the CD as needed?

I realize that Microsoft's photo editing software probably pales next to Adobe Photoshop, but at this point, I don't have the budget, hardware, or technical expertise to utilize the premium software. Thanks for any advice.

  SG Atlantis® 13:19 11 Dec 2005

click here=

was looking at it myself, it'll do me I think.

  ade.h 15:14 11 Dec 2005

If the install system is anything like that for MS Office, you'll be able to select what components are installed and whether they are run from CD, in the case of templates and clipart. 400MB doesn't sound like a great deal though; some of my apps (Office included) take up around 1GB or more.

  ryanjames 23:43 11 Dec 2005

For editing digital photos MS Digital Suite 2006 is an excellent program for people with limited experience, such as myself. There's a range of auto fixes which by one click will adjust contrast/exposure/colour/levels, even a camera phone auto fix is available.

Having installed it only two days ago have tried the auto fixes and they work just as it says on the tin.

Some components I do not require, certainly not yet, so the total space taken up is 230 mb out of the 400 + available.

  DennisD 01:54 12 Dec 2005

For Ryanjames: Thanks for the feedback on memory usage. Tell me though, are you able to check for Microsoft updates with this software? As I'd mentioned in my original posting, Digital Image Suite Pro 9 didn't offer the ability to update, so what you got in the package with the CD is all there is--no downloadable patches, add-ins, etc. Just wondering on that.

  ryanjames 22:13 13 Dec 2005

DennisD - In the Toolbar's Help Menu there's a link to Update. As yet not tried it.

  DennisD 11:45 14 Dec 2005

Ryanjames: Thank you for your reply. With the update ability built-in, that's more than version 9 offered. So that tells me what I need to know. Thanks!

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