Mp3 Problems after 1 month

  barton01 12:17 04 Sep 2006

I have a samsung yp-z5 great player but after a month the touch pad shuffle facility no longer works. Has anyone experienced similar problems? The supplier is not being overly helpfull or sympathetic so its back to Samsung for a repair or replacement.

  Kate B 12:39 04 Sep 2006

Remind the retailer that your contract is with them, not with the manufacturer. They are within their rights to send it back to the manufacturer for fixing but it's up to them to sort you out, not Samsung.

  barton01 12:50 04 Sep 2006

Thanks for that Kate. Given the traders apathy and lack of general assistance i am lothed to get them involved to just send it back to Samsung when i can do it quicker myself. It would have been nice(nieve?)to think they would have just replaced it. Although their terms do state 7 days for exchanges/refunds.

  Kate B 16:09 04 Sep 2006

Get them to do their job - not least because if it's still not right when it comes back it's still their responsibility.

They are within their rights to try and get it fixed before you demand a replacement but if it's unfixable or the fault keeps recurring you can ask for a replacement whatever their silly sign says. You might want to point out that you'll be having a word with Trading Standards if they're recalcitrant.

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