MP3 player problems. Who do I go to?

  [email protected] 00:30 16 Sep 2004


On August 25th I purchased a Creative Muvo TX 256MB MP3 player from ebuyer with intentions of using it on my travels to college. click here

However, after 2 weeks or so of use, the battery clip began to get very loose and would come off quite easily, especially when taking the player out of my pocket. The clip, that connects the slide to the rest of the battery module, then totally snapped off 2 days ago meaning I have to keep the player in the belt clip holder that was supplied with it in order to avoid loosing the battery clip.

I am very disappointed with this as the player cost £85 when purchased and this has happened in less than 3 weeks with no mis-use that would cause this to happen.

As I am not very knowledgeable in this area therefore can someone advise me who I should report this to, ebuyer or creative and what is the likely outcome?

Thanks in advance,

  Forum Editor 07:19 16 Sep 2004

with whom your contract (to purchase) existed. Tell them that you are rejecting the player as not fit for its purpose, and that you want a refund - or another brand of player that is equal to, or better than the Creative Muvo in terms of specification.

You may choose to accept a replacement of course, but perhaps the same thing might happen?

Ebuyer will want to examine the item before they take any action. Make sure you confirm your rejection in writing - this is very important.

  [email protected] 18:06 16 Sep 2004

I'll send ebuyer an e-note and see how its goes

Many thanks,

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