mp3 player help?

  JWHT 16:46 13 Nov 2005

Hey all, Im just wondering if anyone can help me. i currently have an ipod shiffle but im in desperate need of extra space so for xmas i've been told i can have a new player for about £150, mught stretch to £170. Anyways up to now I've wanted an nano, but I've serioulsy been considering a creative player, I've used a creative ion the past and really liked them, its just that i cant use itunes with it and would have to use mediasource. Im not sure whether an nano would be best because all this screen breaking stuff has put me off, and also im not the most lighthanded with things, i would use it daily and would often get thrown around in my school bag, get wet and get banged about in my pocket rather harshly (and the obligatory drops), im also not one for buying big protective cases either. So im wondering what out these would you get in my position:
[URL=click here]nano[/URL]

[URL=click here]zen[/URL]
[URL=click here]zen 20gb[/URL]
[URL=click here]zen touch[/URL]
[URL=click here]zen photo-depediong on funds[/URL] I will alos get a lot more space for my money as well if i go with a creative, help please

  Arnie 18:42 13 Nov 2005

For the moment, I would forget about the Nano until the screen and lithium ion battery problems have been resolved. At the moment I believe some litigation is ongoing.

  Arnie 18:49 13 Nov 2005

"would use it daily and would often get thrown around in my school bag, get wet and get banged about in my pocket rather harshly (and the obligatory drops), im also not one for buying big protective cases either".

If the above is how you will handle the player, don't even think about a delicate hard drive. Buy a solid state device. Not as much memory I know, but it will be longer lasting. BTW Don't get it wet. Water and electronic devices don't mix, unless specially designed for this use.

  JWHT 22:00 13 Nov 2005

is there a big problem with the batterys in them? and what i mean to say is that im not the carfullest owner, and by wet i mean damp in wet pockets and a bit of rain etc because i pretty much take my music everywhere, is it true the nano is flash memory as well?

  Arnie 00:14 14 Nov 2005

I am not an aficionado of any mp3 players, however.
In the case of the Nano iPod, there have been reports of battery problems.

The older models like the iPod 20GB and Mini use a hard drive, while the smaller and more modern iPod Nano and Shuffle use flash memory, (more robust).

Browse info, also mentions batteries.

click here

I suppose damp may not be too much of a problem but water is a no no!

  JWHT 08:40 14 Nov 2005

thanks for all your replys, i'v narrowed it down to this click here
or click here
which would you go for?

  vinnyT 15:11 14 Nov 2005

What about this click here the Creative Zen MicroPhoto 8GB for £179.98 inc VAT.

I'm not getting mine till next year, so plenty of time for something new to come out and catch my eye, but if I had to decide now, this is the one I would get.

  JWHT 15:35 14 Nov 2005

hey thanks for that, my mums just ordered me a microphoto for xmas :D

  Arnie 15:59 14 Nov 2005


This is my response but I see you have made a decision anyway here it is:

It is so difficult to advise on these two devices. It all depends what you are looking for.

Take the Creative Zen:

6Gb hard drive, (more sensitive to shocks but more memory).

Plays WMA and MP3 files, no mention of Wave files.

FM radio and voice recorder.

Easy to remove and replace battery.

Apple iPod Nano:

2Gb solid state flash drive, (more robust).

Can view colour photos.

Can’t see WMA files mentioned.

Built in battery. How easy is it to change?

I don’t know whether the screen and battery issue is now over.
The company withheld info on cracked screens. They first declared only a tiny number of Nanos were affected. Can you trust them?

You will have to decide what your requirements are.
Whatever your choice I would certainly buy a protective case.

What MP3 player do I use? (Don’t laugh). A 256Mb WMA/MP3 IItronics player. £35 from Argos.

How much music can you listen to in one day?

Other forum users who own your short list devices may be able to comment on their experiences with them.

  Arnie 16:05 14 Nov 2005

Just looked at the link for the Creative Zen MicroPhoto 8GB. It looks good.

Don’t forget that protective case and handle it with care. Enjoy it.

  JWHT 17:27 14 Nov 2005

thanks for your response, and if the nano battery is anything like a lot of other ipod batteries then it costs about £60 for them to replace, thanks all :D

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