MP3 player and in car transmitter

  ZootHornRollo 14:20 24 Oct 2005

I want to play my Creative Zen MP3 player through my car radio/CD player.EBay has a lot of different transmitters available but I have no idea if they are any good.
Can any one recommend a good transmitter ?

  Dizzy Bob 15:29 24 Oct 2005

Belkin will soon be releasing an 'ipod' transmitter for the car. It has been approved for use in the UK by the DTI, the first one legal in the UK. They have managed to get it approved due to the very low range of the transmitter (6ft - ish) Should be out soon.

  jimmybond 18:42 24 Oct 2005

...when, no doubt, it will be a lovely shade of white and cost three times as much as similar devices, as it has the 'ipod' association.

try this one, posted by someone here the other day:
click here

I'm not sure if it's strictly legal, but with a range of a few feet - unless you have the secret police in your car boot, nobody will know ;-)

  Magik ®© 19:14 24 Oct 2005

you need one of these.....

click here

  Tim1964 00:50 25 Oct 2005

personally, I'd go for one that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket to save on batteries. It's the kind that looks just like a 12v dc convertor but has the transmitter built into it.

Like this.

click here

  Stuartli 17:18 25 Oct 2005

It is illegal but it's highly unlikely anyone will ever be prosecuted for using such a transmitter as the signal strength and range is low. See:

click here

  mirta 11:38 06 Nov 2005

Anybody have any further news of new Belkin MP3 FM transmitter mentioned by 'dizzybob' 24/10/05?

I have looked on Belkin web site...can't find out anything about it..very keen to get a new generation fm mp3 transmitter.

  Stuartli 11:45 06 Nov 2005

I was in Tesco yesterday - it was offering the gizmo to use via your cassette player (connect other devices to it to play them) for, IIRC, £2.49.

  Dizzy Bob 08:23 07 Nov 2005

I will try to get hold of the Belkin rep at work. He was the person who mentioned the product and see what i can find out.


  VideoSentry 11:23 07 Nov 2005

I bought one of the ones from China ( via E Bay ) but I did not check the transmitter frequency properly and as it only had one ( preset to 107.9 I think ) it was virtually useless.
I would go for the legal ones but ensure that you can set the frequency yourself so as to avoid inteference.
One last thing if your Radio ariel is on the rear of your vehicle the transmitter may not have sufficient strength.

  pj123 13:37 07 Nov 2005

I use the Mobiblu DAH220 MP3 player in my car and any other cassette player.

Looks and plays just like an ordinary cassette.

Mine is the 256mb version but it accepts MMC cards of which I have two. Comes complete with battery charger and two batteries, all cables and headphones.

click here and select HOT MP3 (on the right) and scroll down a bit to the DAH 220.

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