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  SylvesterMagic 09:29 28 Dec 2004

Bit of a long shot... I was bought an MP3 player for Christmas. It's a 128MB solid state type, one of the small stick looking ones.

Although it says it's a "Sony A380" I'm sure it's a cheap imitation because none of the packaging or instructions are Sony.

It's a bit of tat but I'd like to try and get it working! Trouble is the driver CD I was given with it gives me a "Not checked as compliant for Windows XP" error message when I try to load it so I'm nervous about using it.

I was wondering if there was any such thing as a generic (and safe) driver/programme that I could download from somewhere so that I can download MP3s on to the player?

Any help would be really appreciated.


  Lead 09:41 28 Dec 2004

Have you tried connecting the unit to your PC yet? XP may have generic drivers that will allow it to be accessed as a drive and then simply drag and drop music files over.

I had a quick Google and can't find the player you mention :S

  SylvesterMagic 09:44 28 Dec 2004

I did the same google search... I'm sure it's not a real Sony!

I have plugged it in to the PC. It recognises it as a USB Mass Storage device but when I tried to locate anything further via "My Computer" the drive itself was completely empty.

  Magik ®© 11:17 28 Dec 2004

the message you get about winxp being non compliant, now applies to loads of gear, iomega, maxtor and minolta to name but 3..even the all singing minolta 5400 elite scanner has the warning, ignore it and click next...

  Stuartli 17:38 28 Dec 2004

Storage devices such as pen drives, digital camera memory cards etc usually don't require installing drivers if you have XP.

  Stuartli 17:43 28 Dec 2004

As you clearly haven't put any MP3 files into the player it won't be able to display anything...:-)

As Lead points out, drag and drop some MP3 files into the player's drive letter (it may be R, representing Removeable, or follow on from your current drive letters).

  Totally-braindead 18:33 28 Dec 2004

If you don't have any MP3 files download Audiograbber from here click here and the LAME MP3 encoder follow the instructions on the website and you'll find you have a nice little MP3 creator, put in an audio cd and create some MP3 files then do as has been suggested and just drag and drop them on to your drive. You shouldn't need any driver at all as you're using Win XP and it loads it own hence the device appearing in My Computer

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