Mozilla Firefox 0.8

  Mister Splendid 20:27 04 May 2004

I downloaded and installed this a short time ago thiw evening. It has immediately impressed me by being easy to use, automatically importing all my old favourites and being clearly faster than IE6 on my 1Mbps BT adsl connection. I would certainly recomend you give it a try.

  powerless 20:52 04 May 2004

I use it on Mandrake Linux and the word "Fast" has been re-invented!!

  dth 11:58 05 May 2004

am another fan

  mjojo 10:57 06 May 2004

just gone from 0.7 to 0.8. anyone have trouble with embedded video on pages? pages with .wmv embedded cut me off my dialup connection, and get a 'plug-in' problem. pages work ok in IE.

otherwise it is by far the fastest and best browser.
since installing the sun java i have picked up the java.byte.verify trojan twice. maybe just coincidental, but never had problems with windows java. firefox obviously offers an easier way to control use of java anyway.

  mbp 14:33 07 May 2004

I am still using v.0.7 and I am very happy with it. It is an excellent and flexible browser. However, I am still using Mozilla as it is so convenient to use the Incorporated email program, so essential in my daily communication. I am closely watching the development of both these programs. Being minor browsers, Mozilla and Firefox should be relatively free of Malware, etc.

  alan227 19:09 08 May 2004

Yes firefox is quick but having no E-Mail link is a pain.
Have you tried Avant browser.

  powerless 19:23 08 May 2004

email link?

  Mister Splendid 19:37 08 May 2004
  powerless 20:03 08 May 2004

lol check who made first reply.

I mean: Yes firefox is quick but having no E-Mail link is a pain. Have you tried Avant browser.

  Mister Splendid 21:35 08 May 2004

HaHa, should have looked at Alan227's post, D'oh!

  alan227 12:32 09 May 2004

click here
Sorry i forgot to post the E- Mail link.

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