Moving BT master socket

  Desperate-Dan 08:59 28 Jun 2009

Hi, I getting new windows installing next month, the BT cable from the pole in the street is secured to the facia board under the guttering, down the wall and through the wooden window frame and scewed to the window sill wall, this is the master socket, I'm getting new plastic windows and don't want the cable through the window frame again, BT made a right mess of installing the line the first time, about 20 years ago,

I was at work and asked my friend to let them in when I got back from work the master socket was in my back bedroom, when I complained and said I wanted the phone in my living room they sent someone around again only this time they took a line from the master socket through all the bedrooms down the stairs into the living room, I was going to have them back again but I was going through a

Marriage breakup at the time and didn't want any more stress, My question is, will I have to get BT to move the cable, The cable is to short to just disconnect it, drill a hole and push it through the wall

  961 09:09 28 Jun 2009

My understanding is that the cable and the master socket (the one inside the faceplate) belong to BT and you are not authorised to touch it

Everything after the incoming wire and its internal socket is open to the householder

So, from what you say, assuming you are happy to leave the master socket where it is, you can buy a new cable to run through the house as desired. If you want the location of the master socket changed, BT need to do that

  Pamy 09:23 28 Jun 2009

ask the window fitters to cut the frame away from the cable,then have the cable between the wall and the new plastic frame

  Desperate-Dan 09:28 28 Jun 2009

ask the window fitters to cut the frame away from the cable,then have the cable between the wall and the new plastic frame

That seems the best option so far, thanks

  Diemmess 09:34 28 Jun 2009

As I understand your post, it is that the BT cable passes through the doomed wooden frame and the master socket has insufficient wire to allow the socket to be screwed to the wall.

I had a similar problem this year, though the cable merely passed through the old frame on its way to the master socket on the ground floor 30' away.

The window fitters seem to face this problem evey day and in my case simply split the old wood to release the cable and re-routed it around the edge of the new frame and buried it in the wall.

If you know the fitter, ask him how he intends to deal with it. It might be a whole lot easier than you think.

If the fitter agrees with your worst fears then you will have to stump up for a new cable to be connected from the pole, but at least you might have the master socket put where you want it this time at no extra charge.

  Desperate-Dan 09:48 28 Jun 2009

Thank for all the replys, I'll have word with fitter,

  wiz-king 15:03 28 Jun 2009

See previous post - same problem click here

  Diemmess 15:59 28 Jun 2009

I had forgotten that post, though not the events behind it

  Desperate-Dan 17:23 28 Jun 2009

Thanks to all, for your help

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