A movie maker??

  Lil_wish14 16:56 25 Dec 2006


I just wondered if any of you guys could recommend a movie making program for the PC. I am looking for one that is similar to windows movie maker but better!! I want to be able to edit the length of soundtracks etc and make them in a better way. I want to still use pictures in it, like a slideshow and short film clips. If anyone has any ideas please give me the name of it.

Thanks - Caz

  wolfie3000 03:04 26 Dec 2006

I swear by Uleads movie studio,

One of the cheaper movie editing programs but works great and easy to use,

click here

You can edit the sound in it but i prefer audacity for sound editing and its free.

click here

  Lil_wish14 13:35 26 Dec 2006

Thanks a lot that was really helpful!!


  GroupFC 09:43 27 Dec 2006

I am not sure that any software will help to make better movies - it all depends on the quality of the original data be it video, photos or sound!!

However, I agree with wolfie3000, I find that Ulead is very useful. There is a lot of useful information at click here and click here and click here, so plenty of reading there!

Having said that I also use Movie Maker 2 quite a bit, too. It does take a bit of getting used to, to get the best out of the program. I use it primarily for creating slideshows (with a sound track), but have also used it to to make short-ish video clips. Some useful sites for Movie Maker are click here and click here and click here

One word of warning: MM2 doesn't suppport burning to DVD, so you will need 3rd party software for getting the finished product on to DVD!

HTH and Good Luck!

  rickf 10:56 27 Dec 2006

I have always found Magix programmes excellent like the the Movie Edit Pro.
Hope that helps. The latest version is reasonable in price as well.

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