Motorola probs.

  jonnytub 17:18 13 Jul 2004

Hi guys, erm where do i start, well i suppose i better tell what i got, thats broke, it's an 8 month old Motorola MpX 200 smartphone, About 2 weeks ago the screen went blank and switched off, when trying to switch back on it would only boot to the start screen and stay there!! froze completely, rang orange who supplied the phone and they suggested a hard reset which i pronptly done to no avail, they were at a loss and told me to contact motorola, which i did, after numerous attempts at trying to sort the problem out over the phone they agreed it would have to be repaired. In due course a jiffy bag arrived and i sent it off. 5 days later it arrived back as good as new. Except for one thing, the mms software would not install, the screen on the phone said i had insuficcient security permissions to install this software. Im gonna continue this in a post as i dont think i can get it all into one message box so please be patient.

  jonnytub 17:22 13 Jul 2004

i promptly rang orange who pointed me to the developers site to application unlock my phone, it worked but the mms would still not install. I then contacted motorola today. First I dealt with an unknown advisor who could not help as he did not understand the nature of the problem, then I was passed on to an advisor named “Masha” who apparently did understand the problem and directed me to the hellomoto website for a download that would sort the problem, there was no download available or ever has been for my particular problem. I was also told I would be rang back with the answer to the problem. The total time for these calls came to 30 minutes 35 seconds, i want my money back as the second time i rang up i was put in a que for 16 mins when at the end of i was tols all lines had closed and to ring back during normal opening hours.
I now have fire in my belly and i wouldlike to know whether i can request a new phone and compensation for the phonecalls.

  jonnytub 17:23 13 Jul 2004

also nobody did ever ring back!!!

  jonnytub 18:49 13 Jul 2004

anyone (bump in disguise ;-))

  chugby 21:41 13 Jul 2004

not a legal eagle but would say that the sale of
goods act applys in respect of goods not being fit for purpose, still under guarantee, you should get your money back or a new phone of similar quality. for more info to quote try
click here ,would go back to the retailer with this as your contract with them.

  jonnytub 21:43 13 Jul 2004

thanks chugby excellent link!!

  chugby 21:44 13 Jul 2004

...meant to say fit for purpose and satisfactory
quality, obviously this is defective.
In my experience retailers soon back down when
you quote this. hope this helps

  byfordr 10:15 14 Jul 2004

Given up on Motorola last 2 phones of them have been badly built. Currently on my 7th replacement and its still got problems :-(


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