Motorola Bluetooth in car

  Forum Editor 22:26 06 Oct 2006

One of my clients gave me this today, having heard me whinging about in-car phone technology.

click here

It's being fitted (free) next week, and I wondered if any of you have any experience with it? I already have hands free in the car, but it has a cradle that only works with one phone, and I have more than one. The Bluetooth aspect of this device is what attracted me - I can use it with any Bluetooth phone.

All comments gratefully received.

  ayrmail 22:36 06 Oct 2006

looked at the site in your link very interesting is there a uk site as I could not see my car named, seemed to be north american or have I missed something.

  Forum Editor 00:04 07 Oct 2006

but it's available - mine apparently came from the Carphone warehouse in Twickenham.

My client heard me complaining that I would have to get a new phone cradle fitted, so she went out, came back, and presented me with this. It looks lovely, and if it works as well as Motorola says it does I'll be delighted.

  Strawballs 00:34 07 Oct 2006

My son has a bluetooth in car hands free which he can use with any phone that is paired with it so it will not work with a passengers phone by accident. It will overide the car stereo and works with the phone anywhere in the car.

  Forum Editor 08:20 07 Oct 2006

Apparently my device can be paired with up to four phones. It also mutes my car's audio system whenever a call comes in, but so does my current system - my car has buttons on the steering wheel which control the phone, and the stereo automatically mutes when a call is accepted.

Wha appeals to me about the Bluetoth option is that I don't have to change phone cradles when I change phones. I've recently moved from a Nokia phone to a Sony Ericsson, and changing the cradle would mean messing around with wiring. I'm not into doing that each time I use a different phone.

  Strawballs 01:25 11 Oct 2006

Also you don't have to worry about leaving it in the car because it can stay in your pocket.

  Forum Editor 18:05 12 Oct 2006

The Motorola Bluetooth system was installed in my car yesterday, and I'm extremely impressed. It works perfectly, the sound quality is superb, and all I can see is a really neat little control panel on my dashboard, and a tiny microphone up on my roof console. One touch of the button and I can answer inbound calls, my stereo is automatically muted, and that's it - my phone stays in my shirt pocket.

The Carphone warehouse engineer did the installation in my client's carpark in 45 minutes.

  Strawballs 01:19 13 Oct 2006

My son is very impressed with his one as well!

  pavvi 08:57 13 Oct 2006

and this month only 99.99 including standard fitting

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