picklsey 21:45 18 Feb 2005

i am hoping to be in a position in the next few weeks to build my self a new pc i have more or less decided to go for the (amd athlon 64 bit 3200 2000fsb skt-939 retail)which i can get for £148.99 and i have been trying to work out what motherboard to go along with it around the £100 mark i have been looking at some that have nvidia sli which seem to take two pci express cards would they run with one card with the option to add another one later has anyone had any experience with that sort of set up.

i want to use pc 3200 memory i already have a 512

western digital i60 h/d i have 250 external

pioneer 109 dvd-rw i have a samsung dvd rom drive.

and also what sort of psu would i need

any suggestion would be appreciated please don,t give me links to read up on motherboard i have been doing this for over a week now and to be honest it,s just all gobbledy gook to me

sorry meant to say i don,t want to use m/b with via chipset.i really need advice on this

i use pc for a little video editing digital camera i back up the very odd dvd i buy (learnt through experience not to let grandkids loose near dvds)i also use my pc for playing my music and just general stuff wiil get xp home oem.thanks

  harps1h 22:02 18 Feb 2005

first of all maybe rethink the chipset. if what you intend to do is video editing there is a perceived thought that intel are better for these purposes due to the way that they run. however these are at least 1/3 more expensive than amd. secondly to run video editing i would say an extra 512 of ram would be advisable as well as powerful a video card as possible. by the way you can use only one card if you want. recent reviews though suggest that running 2 lower specs cards would run slightly faster than a higher spec single card. as for the nmotherboard look for nforce4 chipsets

  harps1h 22:03 18 Feb 2005

should add that nforce is for amd chips

  picklsey 22:13 18 Feb 2005

harps1h...thanks for responce the reason for choosing the amd is this could be a won off chance to build a pc for a number of years and i want to have the option to run 64 bit applications when they are availible even if it is in a years time i don,t do a lot of video editing.hope you see my reasoning i know there,s no such thing as future proof and when i walk out the shop with the bits and bobs it will be out of date.thanks again for taking the time to respond.

  harps1h 23:26 18 Feb 2005

also a 400 watt psu should be sufficient, but a decent one as the cheaper ones don't carry the power very well

  picklsey 05:52 19 Feb 2005

thanks again that was one of my concerns.any recomendations on make of m/b i would pay a little more for a good one.cheers

  harps1h 07:34 19 Feb 2005

look at click here

check out the gigabyte board and the dfi. by the way if you want to buy ram first of all decide on the mobo and chip, then go to click here there you will find a handy tool called belearc which when you put in the above info will show you the best ram for your new setup. you just choose which one. the speed needs to be the same as you already have. best bit of all....... postage is free and compatibility is gauranteed

  picklsey 11:54 19 Feb 2005

once again thanks i intend to have 1 gig memory because i have a 512mb already what i,ll do is get another stick build the pc using the new stick then if all goes well and every thing is running ok i will add the other stick if it causes problems i will replace it.

  Bleep 21:19 19 Feb 2005

MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum nForce4 Ultra : click here outstanding board.

Or if you want the best like me:

DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR : click here

The two best 939 pin boards out no doubt about it.

  picklsey 09:05 20 Feb 2005


thanks for that leaning towards the dfi lanparty the one at £140 is overclockers a good company to deal with as i have never ordered on line before.cheers.

  Arnie 11:14 20 Feb 2005

View this site picklsey and you decide.

click here

You can also view the best and the worst companies.


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