The most professional attempt at pshing ever...not

  [email protected] 21:53 18 Apr 2005

Just received this email from "[email protected]"....................almost had me fooled, but not quite :-)

"Dear customer
Pls we need the following informations to help us secure your
account on paypal.We have gotten lot of complaint recently about
unauthorized access to some users account,so we have decided to
upgrade the security of all paypal users account.So we need the
following informations to help us secure your accounts.


So reply this message send the required info to [email protected].

NOTE:Any email address other than the one above is not a paypal email
Only your card number is needed.Dont add the rest info for security
Never log into any website other than click here "

Sad fact is though that some poor mug will probably send their details :-(

  pj123 23:32 18 Apr 2005

Yes, I got it as well. But I don't have a paypal account.

  [email protected] 15:55 19 Apr 2005


  wiz-king 17:03 19 Apr 2005

I fought it was only call-centers that could mangle english like wot that is.

  futurhead 18:02 19 Apr 2005

i work in a call center their aint nufing rong with my english

  helmetshine 19:34 19 Apr 2005

ain't mutch rong wiv myne iver

  961 19:47 19 Apr 2005

love that "gotten"

nearly up to "off of"

  Kate B 19:56 19 Apr 2005

"gotten" is an American use and actually thought to be an archaic form of the verb taken across the pond by settlers - so actually it's English, although it's a form of the verb we don't use any more.

And for mangling language, estate agents are the worst.

  Patr100 16:23 20 Apr 2005

Apart from the language I think the g-mail email address might have rung alarm bells.

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