Morgan Stanley and Barclaycard

  skeletal 10:35 24 Sep 2008

Have any of you got a Morgan Stanley credit card that has been migrated to Barclaycard?

My story:

I tried to ring Barclaycard Monday to say I’ve got the new cards and to register. Can’t get through, the dreadful automatic phone system keeps dropping out. Gave up and let my far more patient wife sit trying for hours. She finally made it and so new card should be active; the old one supposedly being automatically deactivated on the Monday.

Later in the day I tried to tax car on line but new card is not accepted. Used old “deactivated” card OK.

Also went to register on Barclaycard’s web site, but it is down.

My son’s story:

A week or so ago he bought a phone from a very well known large mobile phone shop. Just after this he became aware of fraudulent use of his Morgan Stanley card. He contacted phone shop to complain but they wanted transaction numbers from Morgan Stanley. Rang MS Friday to tell them of fraud, to get numbers, contact police, stop card etc. MS said they couldn’t be bothered as it was the weekend and to ring Barclaycard on Monday as MS were no longer supplying the service.

Worry all weekend about “open” card being used for all sorts. My son rang Barclaycard on Monday, but see “My story” for description of getting through (although for some reason he did not need to register in the same way as me so he was just trying to tell someone about the card fraud). He eventually talked to someone in India who could barely understand the problem but said they “would send a form in the post.” Meanwhile the web site is down so my son asked if any more fraudulent transactions had taken place over the weekend: answer yes!

Tuesday: site still down, old card still open so still don’t know how much card is being used.

Today (Wed) site finally working. My transaction on the “dead” card is recorded as going through OK. I told my son who also used the now working site. Guess what, more fraudulent MS card use on Monday, the day it was supposed to be deactivated, but given my story, we know they weren’t.

I think it is disgraceful that both Morgan Stanley and Barclaycard (I don’t know which of them is worse!) are not doing more to stop this fraud, and of course, we still don’t know whether the card is “stopped” or not. The money is racking up but I bet if my son does not pay the bill he is likely to get into more impossible phone calls to India.

I don’t know why financial institutions don’t just give the money away to all and sundry, it would be easier...hmmm where have I heard that before??!


  dms_05 11:43 24 Sep 2008

I had fraudelent use of my Barclaycard (unauthorised use in the UK followed by the USA). They were eventually very good and my account was sanitised of the fraud. However their initial concern with a number of UK frauds was, to say the least, laid back. It was only when I was on-line and picked up a $399 transaction in the USA that they acted instantly and froze the account. The frauds in the UK (Tesco Mobile) were considered too small and unimportant to bother about - however they eventually had to adsorb $500 worth of fraud when they could have stopped it at $15 if they could have been bothered.

You'll get your money back. But no one seems to care about your worry, after all you are only a customer who makes them money. No wonder the banking world is in such a mess.

  DrATty 12:00 24 Sep 2008

Sorry to read of your hassle. Don't get stressed and jump through the hoops; all will be well eventually. I hope it doesn't take too long. I had 2 cards stolen in a mugging abroad and, even though I reported this, money was taken for some time afterwards. I didn't lose a penny.

I have a Barclaycard that was supposed to replace my Morgan Stanley card. The new card has been rejected where I've tried to use it. I can't pay my bill online.
I can't be bothered with service like this and have applied for a different card. I just hope I will still see my cashback.

Good luck.

  skeletal 12:33 24 Sep 2008

I am also surprised at the seeming lack of concern. If they acted quickly they could cut everyone’s losses and even, shock horror, may even catch the criminals that do this sort of thing!

The stupid part is that these days there is so much so called security (e.g. chip and pin etc.) that inconveniences customers and yet when you try to sort out genuine fraud, no one seems bothered.

I expect, eventually, my son will get all the money back, but it’s just the hassle factor.

I have made one successful transaction with the new card, but I’m soon to go away on business again and always worry whether my card will be accepted in far flung places. One solution is always to carry enough cash to pay for everything, just in case, but if you do that, why bother with a card in the first place! Perhaps the cashless society will eventually go back to being a cash one because of poor service and continued fraud!

We are both now thinking about changing cards, but obviously like the cashback. We are probably up around £300 between us, so we hope we don’t lose it either!


  spuds 13:56 24 Sep 2008

I have held Barclaycards since the days of origination. In all those years until the last 2 years, I have never had any real problem of usage, both in the UK and worldwide.

In the past 2 years I have had problems of lost statements, but according to the staff at Barclaycard, its not their problem but their postal contractors TNT Post problem!.

The other month, I received a new credit card in a 'fraud-proof' envelope. Outside envelope with hand written name and address details, and standard 'Barclaycard' envelope inside. Now I am not sure whose idea this was in disguising the items, but having P.O.Box 81, Northampton, NN1 1BT clearly on the back of the disguised envelope, would have perhaps fooled 'not' the most intelligent of thieves.When I activated the card and mentioned this to the call centre staff, I was informed that it was nothing to do with them, and they were unable to inform Barclaycard. Apparently the call centre was a contracted out establishment, and not in direct employ of Barclaycard!.

Regarding the website, I find within the last two months in the late evenings, my logins result in failures, yet later on in the day, the login is accepted without any problems. Then of course, there is the frequent messages of forthcoming maintenance, when you will be unable to use your account facility. The only problem that seems to occur with me and my account, I often wonder if emergency un-notified maintenance is in progress throughout the UK night periods.

It wants to make you weep at times.

  DrATty 15:34 24 Sep 2008

Well, my losses weren't with Barclaycard but the refunds went very smoothly. I carry 2 cards in case of problems but both were taken at the same time. I didn't even inform the banks immediately because I was hospitalised by the assault. The help given was beyond my expectations. This happened nearly 15 years ago when the customer was important and 'acceptable losses' hadn't been heard of. It might not be your money but it must be stressful knowing that losses are occurring in your name. It's a shame my main card issuer then, Chase Manhattan, were bought by Morgan Stanley were bought by Goldfish were bought by Barclaycard...

This isn't to do with a loss but fits with the title. Barclaycard just called; well, a computer did. I've never been called and put in a call queue before; cold calls from real people are bad enough. I didn't hold the line to see what they had to say. Unbelievable. Not an auspicious start. I've moved with the changes since I had a Chase Manhattan card what must be some 20 years ago, but the last 3 days have led me to apply for a new card.

  natdoor 17:36 24 Sep 2008

Sorry to hear of your problems.

I have a Morgan Stanley card and had no trouble registering the Barclaycard. I did inadvertently use the MS card on Monday and the transaction was accepted.

Having heard of your experiences with Barclays, I don't expect I will use the card that often. My other limited experience with Barclays has not been trouble free.

  skeletal 09:23 25 Sep 2008

It is interesting to hear these stories. Also, Barclaycard don’t seem to be doing too well! If I start getting unsolicited Barclaycard calls from anyone, let alone a computer, I’ll be even more annoyed.

My son will check later today to see if any more transactions have taken place. It is clear from your posts that others have experienced the new card not working, yet the old one still working after it was supposed to stop. We thus can’t be sure how long the fraud will continue.

The amount taken has now exceeded what my son can easily repay, thus we are considering whether to pay just the legitimate part of his eventual statement, or make arrangements to pay the entire bill. The point being to decide which has the lower hassle factor; only paying part of the bill is bound to lead to an interest charge, which you then have to battle to get refunded. Paying it all means taking money from accounts that penalise you for so doing, thus incurring a loss, which perhaps you can claim back.

Oh dear...all this could have been avoided if they had stopped the card when my son first reported the fraud!

Thanks for the support all.


  spuds 10:29 25 Sep 2008

Perhaps a word of comfort or perhaps discomfort.

When I had the problem of statements going adrift, I contacted Barclaycard regarding interest payments they wanted due to a end of statement payment being missed, which I felt not obliged to pay. It took four telephone calls to finally resolve the problem, and the last call was me 'demanding' to speak to 'someone' in higher authority. Of the three previous calls, I was informed (1st call)"Yes I see there is a problem, and I will get it corrected. It will show that it as been corrected on the next statement", (2nd call after next not corrected statement)"Not Barclaycards problem. Nothing 'I' can do. You will have to pay the interest occurred" (obvious of no interest to the 'account manager', so ended call).(3rd call) " I see you have more than one account, 'I' am prepared to cancel the interest charges on one account only, but 'I' cannot cancel the interest charges on the rest, due to Barclaycard policy".I was refused to have the call transfered to a more senior decision making person, so ended call.

The forth telephone call was eventually transferred to a duty 'supervisor/manager' who dealt with the matter promptly in a more amicably and straightforward sensible way. But I still wonder to this day, how and why it got to the various stages of having to make four telephone calls, and becoming more frustrated in each process, to what was an obvious error in a process of mail disruption. From feeling that I was a totally unwanted nuisance to eventually having the matter dealt with in a sensible way, as made me concerned as to actual training procedures and individual's actions.

And lets face it, interest charges on credit card usage doesn't come cheap.

  skeletal 19:57 25 Sep 2008

Ah...all this gives me great confidence in my new credit card "service" provider.......

And the usual comment from so many: “Why are call centres so often so useless???”


  DrATty 19:32 26 Sep 2008

Thanks to Spuds, I tried the web site again and managed to pay my bill. Thank you. I also used my card in ASDA; it seemed to take a long time to authorise but I'm sure that was just me. I have applied for a new card but my Barclaycard is working now.
I hope the cases of fraudulent use above are concluded quickly. Good luck.

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