any feedback

  Tick Tock 1 15:35 07 Feb 2006

Have you used this company.

  Forum Editor 18:07 07 Feb 2006

because I've never heard of this company. Others may have some information, however.

  spuds 18:54 07 Feb 2006

The website and prices look okay. In their 'about' click here they state that they have been in business since 1992, so they must be doing something right to be in business that long.

  Joe R 19:28 07 Feb 2006


not too sure about the layout of the website. Browsing it is not very intuitive.

I also checked out the reviews they stipulate here, and according to Next tag, they have had one satisfied customer, in the last 90 days, and all other reviews have the reviewers name "unspecified".

One other fact i'm wary about is, they don't have a contact telephone number, or even an e-mail address, allowing a "contact us" box, as the only way of getting in touch.

I certainly would not place an order through this site.

  Rayuk 19:36 07 Feb 2006

click here

Address and a phone number

  Tick Tock 1 19:42 07 Feb 2006

I have been looking for new monitor and e-buyer
may be the choice but was just checking others out.

  dmc727 20:30 07 Feb 2006

For what it worth...........

: click here

  martytoon 20:48 07 Feb 2006

I spent £175 with an online retailer before Xmas buying a non pc related product.8 weeks later I have nothing to show for it - except the bill.

I'm now ultra cautious when buying online. I'm about to order an XFX 6800GS graphics card and have identified 3 potential suppliers - including More Computers. However, prior to ordering I will ring each supplier and just gauge their response to basic questions like returns policy etc. My final buying decision will be based upon this feedback and not price alone. Needless to say, if they don't answer the phone or even supply a contact number I will not order from them.

  Tick Tock 1 21:20 07 Feb 2006

They get good reviews on the pricerunner link you
provided.I have looked at more reviews on e-buyer
and microdirect which put me off a bit but it may
be a case of pot luck some people have no problems
and others just the opposite.

  phil46 17:20 08 Feb 2006

Also try Novatech very good computers good tech support.
I bought one of there computers on Monday delivered the following day at 10AM can't beat that for service.

  rmcqua 17:35 08 Feb 2006

Why don't you just use one of the suppliers that regularly get positive feedback on this forum?

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