More praise for PC World

  Djohn 17:11 11 May 2003

Ten weeks ago I called into local PC World branch and picked up a new Laptop for my Son £1500.

Last night while we where loading new programs, we lost the display and after many attempts could not find any way to restore it.

Popped back to store this afternoon for some help and they tried for a couple of minutes to bring up a display without success.

Model was a pentium 4 2.4 CPU with 40g. Hard drive.

"No problem Sir we will replace with new model, only came out last week, 2.8 CPU and 60g. Hard drive"

In less than 30 minutes my Son and myself left the store with a brand new Laptop with better specifications than the one we took in.

Once again excellent service from PC World. J.

  Cathode 13:26 12 May 2003

Thats great... :-)

  DaddyBear 13:48 12 May 2003

I'm just waiting for the League Of Anti-PCWorld Fanatics to start their debate as to what you *should* have received... Surely a holiday home in the Maldives, 4 lbs of the MD's flesh and a tonne of fairy dust was more appropriate remuneration for you devastating experience?

I mean *come on* PCWorld... is that *all* you could come up with? How dare you give the customer such excellent service *and* a free, unwarrented upgrade!

Seriously though, Good on yer Djohn & Djohnjr, let's hope more people tell their good experiences, rather than saving up the bile and spittle for frivoulous whinges!

A big ***Well Done Fella*** to PCWorld...



  Malaclypse 14:50 12 May 2003

A pentium4 2.4Ghz 40Gb drive...

And you paid £1500 for THAT?!

You deserved the next model up for that price, lol!

  Djohn 15:06 12 May 2003

Well it was my Son that paid for it, I only picked it up because he was out of the country at the time.

As for the price, well, it is a high quality laptop with many other extras and features as well as the hard drive and CPU. :o)

  Belatucadrus 15:35 12 May 2003

The problem with PC World is the same as you get with any large chain outlet, some staff are truly excellent others a complete waste of space. Djohn found a good one.

  crx1600 15:56 12 May 2003

im sure attitude plays a part.

it seems many go into the store stomping, shouting and making it not surprising they recieve the least level of service.

i notice Djohn often recieves excellent service from PCworld and others.

i wonder why that might be?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:18 12 May 2003

Some of the much lauded (on this forum) independent computer shops also have staff that are directly related to the Cro-Magnon Man and to whom the Sinclair ZX-81 is the epitome of computing ,this is why, having tried most of the computer shops around here that I only buy from the Net and PCW...surly staff are not only an exclusive PCW problem, in fact most companies have some disinterested staff. It is usually the big boys that get noticed.


  spuds 20:10 12 May 2003

It is great when you read wonderful customer service, as in Djohn's case. I have praised PC world on occassions, but I still say that it all depends on the 'local' store management team.

I visit my local PCW every week, mainly for a browse. Most times I will make a purchase on that little bargain. But a couple of weeks ago, my local PCW failed the customer sales test.I was intersted in purchasing a scanner. Saw the displayed model that I liked,tried to obtain the services of a salesperson.Eventually managed to track one down that wasn't busy. Agreed to purchase said scanner, but salesperson could not find the box or software. So no sale. Visited store four days later, and scanner still on display.Spoke to another salesperson, and still unable to purchase, due to "Sorry Sir, cannot find the box or software".Argos are now a little richer.

  tree 3 21:35 12 May 2003

i hate PC world its a rip off and it is very bad quality stuff i never use PC world for anything

  beeuuem 22:40 12 May 2003

I don't have an opinion either way, never having bought from PCW.

tree 3

That must limit your choices.

Presumably you never buy anything made by Canon, Epson, HP, Oki, NEC, Sony,Mitsubishi,etc?

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