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  flightygirl 15:00 31 Jan 2006

I know there are lots of posts like this but i would really appreciate it if people would give me some advice on which pc to choose.

I would like a pc which can do basics such as surf internet, download music, word processing etc but would also be capable of playing online multiplyer games. I am willing to spend around £1000.

I have had some advice from friends as I really dont know anything about computers and have got these 2 ideas - any advice on them would be helpful:

1. DELL approx £1100
Base: Intel® Viiv™ technology -Intel® Pentium® D 830 Dual Core(3.00GHz,800MHz,2x1MB)
Microsoft Operating System: Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005
Memory: 1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 533MHz (2x512) Memory
Monitor: Dell E196FP 19" Midnight Grey (TCO99) Flat Panel Monitor
Video Card: 128MB ATI Radeon® X600 SE graphics card
Hard Drive: 250GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst cache
Floppy Drives: 13-in-1 Media Card Reader, USB
Modem: Modem Cable(RJ11)- UK
CD/DVD Drives 8x max. DVD+/-RW Drive
Sound Cards: Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD Audio

2. ALIENWARE approx£1300
click here
but with 7800GT graphic card added + cheapest flat monitor

or any other ideas?

thanks a lot

  Dellman 15:17 31 Jan 2006

Have you tried MESH?

  Yoda2002 15:41 31 Jan 2006

depending on the games you wont need a magory powerfull pc post the specs of the average game and you could get away which paying alot less

  flightygirl 09:25 01 Feb 2006

to answer both of those:

i will check out mesh today

i play World of Warcraft but i might like to play newer games in the future.

  flightygirl 11:36 03 Feb 2006

ok i checked out mesh and came up with this:

Matrix² Prestige (03)
£860.00 £860.00 Configure

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800+ with HT Tech.
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
Midi-Tower ATX Case +550W PSU -Black/Silver
ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe PCI-Express Mainboard - ATX
1024MB DDR400 Memory - PC3200 (2x512)
250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB Buffer
SONY 16x Dual Layer DVD-Re-Writable +R/-R/RW
256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT - TV-Out + DVI - PCI-Express
19" TFT Flat Panel Monitor - DVI & Analogue
7.1 Channel Surround Sound Audio (on-board)
Without Speakers (SBS)
Without Keyboard & Mouse
Free Microsoft® Works® 8.5 + 60 Days Microsoft Office Trial
1.44MB - 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
Internal 15-in-1 Memory Card Reader
Classic Warranty - 3 Years Back-to-Base - Parts & Labour

looks as good as if not better than the others and cheaper....
but then i read all the threads on here about Mesh and am a little worried about that..

any more advice would be really helpful,

thanks :)

  Totally-braindead 12:48 03 Feb 2006

Alienware are good but expensive, Dell are good value but only do Intel chips which are a bit more expensive than the AMD equivalent. Mesh as you've noticed seem to be having some bother at the moment.
Also have a look at these click here or if you want dual core processors these click here If you go for a Novatech one remember to include the price of Windows XP and your monitor if one isn't supplied. Whatever you go for make sure it has PCI Express for upgrading later on if required. Dell also are good but as with all the manufacturers avoid the cheapest PCs thats the ones around the £300 mark as most of these come with a reasonable specification but have no graphics card slots (AGP or PCI Express) hence the graphics cannot be upgraded, you're stuck with whatever you have. If you want to play games with the PC then its a total waste buying one of these.

  keef66 13:23 03 Feb 2006

That Mesh spec is just the kind of pc you need, given your gaming interest. (The other stuff you could do on a much cheaper pc)
Don't be put off Mesh by the problems you read about here; they are a tiny minority, and most customers are happy.
Evesham are usually a little bit more expensive than the equivalent Mesh, but their reputation for sorting out any problems seems to be much better, and they do have a handful of shops where you can actually see the pc's.

Dell don't really cater for gamers until you're spending £1500. Their cheaper graphics offerings such as the X600SE you mention in your original post will leave you wanting to upgrade very quickly.

Make sure you choose a decent pci-express graphics card; the 7800gt is currently about as good as it gets, unless you want to spend silly money.

Also make sure the tft monitor has a response time of 8ms or less for gaming.

  Dellman 21:16 03 Feb 2006

I bought 2 PC's from MESH 18 months ago......and they're still going strong. All my queries were satisfactorily resolved by they're sales/technical support.

  Yoda2002 11:07 23 Feb 2006

umm if your feeling brave you could buy a kit of parts from click here and bulid it yourself they do do some premade pcs.

  nufc1234 12:02 23 Feb 2006

I know they are new but i brought 1 from ebay for £899.99 and wow the computer is amazing its full HD and 64bit i would recomend you get one its the cheapest high spec i have found

  pc_sausage 12:06 23 Feb 2006

To add more confusion, you could try a custom build from:

click here

Plus read their feedback page:

click here

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