More Dell buying advice please

  darkster 15:53 02 Jan 2007

Hello again,
Just as I think I have made my mind up about buying a Dell Dimension E520, E6400, 2Gb RAM, 320Gb HDD, Radeon X1300 Pro Graphics, I look on the product description and see that it only has a very weedy 305W PSU! I would be looking to upgrade to an Nvidia 7600GT graphics card at least and also add another HDD. Would I be right in thinking that this would overload the PSU? Is it a relatively cheap and easy job to upgrade the PSU as Dell use the BTX chassis?
Thanks in advance.

  The Brigadier 17:50 02 Jan 2007

Have you thought of calling Dell on 0870 152 4699. And asking them?

  citadel 18:12 02 Jan 2007

you can get atx/btx psu's, I presume these work in both.

  darkster 18:57 02 Jan 2007

Thanks; The Brigadier, That's a really, really good idea!

  FatboySlim71 23:05 02 Jan 2007

The thing I found out with Dell when I enquired was that they do not have an open case warranty. I enquired as to if I would be able to take the single DVDRW drive out and put in my own NEC ones as I find these an excellent drive and wanted to continue using them, the Dell sales advisor told me "If you replace these drives yourself you will void the warranty, but if you get one of our engineers to do it the warranty will remain intact" I decided not to purchase from Dell and instead got the PC from Evesham.

I made sure that Evesham had an open case warranty which they did. I have owned several different PCs and everyone I have owned has had an open case warranty. It sounded like to me that Dell are forcing people with a under warranty PC to use their engineers to do what is a simple task that could be performed by almost anyone.

  joebloggs1 15:34 03 Jan 2007

Today Dell have the system Darkster describes for £639 inc vat and delivery (also includes a 19 inch flat panel monitor and 13-in-1 card reader). I have looked at Novatech / Evesham and cant seem to get anywhere near on spec and price! I have used Novatech lots over years and find them to be really excellent, but for a similar spec looking at Isys Max 6400 which is £5 more with no monitor (does have a better graphics card though). I have not wanted to buy from Dell because of upgrade issues and warranty issues but for spec / price I can't see anything better at the moment. Also with this sepc I don't think I'll need to upgrade in warranty period.

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