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  dazman1360 17:18 21 Jan 2009

My wife is visually impaired and is now struggling badly with our old 19" 4:3 TFT Monitor we have at home.

Where she works they have just bought her a 32" widescreen LG LCD TV, which has helped her but she complains that even though there is an obvious size increase, the sharpness of the images/text isn't great, so has been disappointed with the overall improvement.

We want to buy something new for home, but want to make sure it's better then the work option.

So my questions are:

1. Is there any tangible difference between a PC Monitor & a LCD TV?
2. What is the more important factor when choosing a monitor for this purpose?

Any help would be appreciated.


  Forum Editor 17:20 22 Jan 2009

from the Business forum.

  wee eddie 15:30 23 Jan 2009

is that the image you are seeking to increase in size has a limited number of Pixels.

As you spread these out, definition will be lost, regardless of the type of display that you use.

  Woolwell 16:29 23 Jan 2009

The RNIB publish some guidelines click here but the info about TFT is IMO out of date especially regarding prices.

Probably the best way to investigate this is to go in to a retailers and view 20" to 24" TFT monitors and with the magnification/accessibility features of windows on. wee eddie is correct as you enlarge so definition will be lost.

  ened 16:43 23 Jan 2009

"the image you are seeking to increase in size has a limited number of Pixels."

Being both long and short sighted I too have been struggling recently.

What can be done to increase the number of pixels?

Is it a graphic card problem - because if it is it is easily remedied?

  wee eddie 19:28 23 Jan 2009

The number of Pixels shown are those that are Broadcast.

I think that there is software to "Guess" what should be there, because that is what some Scanners use to increase their Resolution, but I don't know its name and I don't know if it would work fast enough.

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