monitor on finance.? best place

  perpetual motion 16:36 22 Mar 2009

HI all im looking into buying a monitor on finance & not sure who's the best company.?
ive hear some horror stories about pc worlds aftersales so il avoid them, im after a 22/24 inch & must be a 1920 x 1200 Resolution, Has anyone got any idea's please, also im not so bothered about the price even if its more expensive..



  MAJ 17:25 22 Mar 2009

This one looks nice, PM. click here Although at 20% APR it might be cheaper on a credit card. I have used Novatech many times (not finance though) and they're very good.

  perpetual motion 17:48 22 Mar 2009

MAj thankx for that!!!

  2bathred 20:08 22 Mar 2009

If you have a monitor that you are replacing save up the money you would be paying on finance and you'll be able to buy a much better one when you reach your target.
£10 a week for 20 weeks is £200 + the 20% you'd be giving to the finance company gets £240 worth of monitor. The time will fly by and you can stick it to the bankers.

  2bathred 20:10 22 Mar 2009

Just to add the Philips 240BW is £240 approx. is 24" and 1920 x 1200 res.

  ripvan 23:49 22 Mar 2009

How about getting a 0% credit card such as the Virgin one.Order from where you like and should you be unfortunate to have probs you are also covered by the credit card company.

  wee eddie 11:31 23 Mar 2009

The Set-up & Operating Charges make such deals very expensive. It'll cost you roughly double the price.

If you can wait and save up you'll get a much better screen for the money.

  perpetual motion 12:14 23 Mar 2009

Thankx guys for your replies, i need one now tbh, i dont have the financies to buy outright at mo so i need one on finance, the screen im using now is well on its way out so rather sit it out id prefare to have one on order so to speak.

  Sheepish 14:23 23 Mar 2009

If you need one urgently it might work to pick one up dirt cheap second hand and save for a real replacement.

(When my ancient CRT died I was wondering whether my next computer will be desktop or laptop, so didn't want to invest in a major new monitor, and got the one I'm working from now from Cashconverters for about £30, and it wasn't the cheapest in the shop.)

  Kemistri 20:38 11 Apr 2009

Dabs does "buy now pay later" with an arrangement fee, and as long as pay up in good time, you won't incur interest. If you leave it, it's nearly 30% APR, so you'd need to plan ahead and save for it. click here

  rdave13 21:45 11 Apr 2009

I'd have a look in a local PC shop and see if they have secondhand monitors for sale. Should see you through until you can afford a new one.

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