Monitor damaged in transit

  garysi81 10:17 02 Mar 2003

I Sent a PC Monitor via click here, but I was notified by the recipient that it was badly damaged in transit.

I had taken out insurance so I followed the instructions on their site and e-mailed them on December 23rd advising them of the damage.
The next morning I had a phone call from them stating that a claim form would be sent out on the friday after Christmas.
However after a week I still hadn't received a form so I emailed them again and I was told a form would be sent - again it never turned up. I have now been in contact with them over 10 times since the begining of January each time they would only say "a claim form would be sent"

Nearly two weeks ago I sent them a letter addressed to the customer services manager making a complaint. But as of yet I haven't had a response.

Any Ideas on what to do next? Is making a claim in the small claims court going to be the only option?

  Forum Editor 11:09 02 Mar 2003

because Postvan are no the carrier of the goods. They act as 'brokers' and arrange the transport of the goods via a third party carrier (not always the same company) which has no liability for damage in transit.

Part of the Postvan terms and conditions - which you accepted when you made the arrangements - state that in the event of goods being damaged you must notify the carrier in writing. The relevant clause says:-

"No liability shall be accepted unless the Customer notifies the Carrier in writing quoting the
consignment number of an impending claim within 14 days after termination of transit or in the case of
a non delivery claim within 14 days of the anticipated delivery date AND the Company receives a
completed claim form from the Customer within 28 days of receipt by the Customer of a claim form."

In this case "the company" means the carrier - not Postvan.

I suggest that you phone Postvan - on 01502 588 594 and tell them that you are tired of waiting. Tell them that you expect a claims form within 5 days (it's a simple matter to mail one out after all) and tell them that if you don't recieve it you'll be talking to the Tarding Standards Office. Then confirm all this in writing, and address it to the company secretary by special delivery.

The fact that you've been waiting since the beginning of the year for a claims form is nothing short of a disgrace, and speaks volumes about Postvan's attitude to their customers.

  Forum Editor 11:11 02 Mar 2003

some new government body, obviously. You knew I meant Trading Standards didn't you?

  garysi81 11:16 02 Mar 2003

Hi Thanks for the advice,

When I emailed postvan I was told to fill out their claim form when i recieved it and to deal with them and not directly with the courier.

I will try what you have suggested and see how it goes.


  Forum Editor 11:35 02 Mar 2003

to let us knowwhat happens would you?

  garysi81 11:37 02 Mar 2003

Will do...

  vinnyT 12:32 02 Mar 2003

Why not ask them to email the claim form to you as an attachment? Which you could print out, fill in and send (not email, too easy to deny receipt) via recorded (or registered, can never remember which to use) delivery.

As the FE points out having to wait for a claim form this length of time is ridiculous. In all this time you haven't even got the form, so it begs the Q, how long to sort it out when they receive your completed paperwork.

Hope you get this sorted quick smart.

  spuds 14:22 02 Mar 2003

If you contact Postvan, then I would suggest that you ask what courier company was contracted out to deliver your consignment.Unless of course,you already have this information. Always pays to have this sort of information for later use.

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