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Hi all, two months ago I booked a holiday for my 81 year old mother to go and see her great grand daughter. I booked through Aerlingus, they recommend Mondial insurance. So I applied on line, I gave my mothers details, including date of birth and the fact there was only one traveling.
These were entered through drop boxes so the age of my mother was fairly clear. My friend has a travel agency and told me Mondial only cover up to 65 years of age.
I called them and they confirmed this was true, I asked why the policy was accepted, they couldn't answer but told me I would be re-funded.
This was 2 months ago. After 1 month I contacted Aerlingus, still waiting for a reply, I also e-mailed the FSA, still waiting for a reply. I emailed Mondial but because the idiot didn't know thunderbird replies at the bottom couldn't read my replies. I have called them four times and each time was told the refund was on hold and I should receive it in a couple of days.
I have now bought new insurance for my mother.
Any ideas how I can get my money back?
pretty much given up.
The fact they accepted the quote and didn't bother contacting me makes me wonder what would have happened if I had not had a friend with a travel agency!

  spuds 16:27 04 Aug 2010

Try Consumer Direct click here

They may direct you to the airline trade association or an insurance ombudsman. ATOL might even have a role to play here!.

thanks, i'll give them a try.

having used google, I decided I wont be putting my mother in the air with this bunch of jokers. sod the cancellation fee, (thats twice they stole from me) live and learn!
click here

  anchor 13:46 05 Aug 2010

It seems the world of travel insurance is rife with questionable insurers.

I have an annual policy with Europ Assistance, (who underwrite quite a number of other policies with different names). Whilst touring France this summer, I had my wallet stolen in a busy city square. After making a police report, I immediately cancelled my bank and Credit cards, but had lost about 400€ cash.

I made a claim for this, but it was rejected as I did not have "proof of ownership". I had obtained cash from French ATM`s but had refused the option of a receipt. On examining my bank statements, I found these transaction were recorded. I have spoke to the insurer who said if I send these statements they will "look at my claim again"; I await their response. If I was planning to make a false claim, surely I would have kept the receipts.

Close study of their claim form also showed that had I lost personal possession, such as my luggage, I would have to submit receipts for each and every item, and an estimate of their current value; (new for old is not included).

I did lose the leather wallet, which was an expensive gift this spring. They accepted the claim, but I received nothing, as the item was under the £100 excess.

I "googled" this company and found many adverse comments. It seems they will find any excuse not to pay out.

Based on this experience, I ask myself is travel insurance really worth it, IF travelling within the EU, where health cover is provided irrespective of age, and for existing medical conditions.

Outside the EU is a different matter, (although there may be a problem in getting paid, if the medical report is not written in English).

  Colin 19:08 05 Aug 2010

You don't need health cover if travelling in the EU but your medical treatment and hospitalisation if necessary will be in the country abroad and not back in the UK as repatriation is not covered.
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With regard to medical cover, the premiums are very small considering what you are being covered for.

  anchor 08:36 06 Aug 2010

Colin; You possibly have not tried to get cover for an elderly person with an existing medical condition.

If you did, you would likely find the policy would exclude these conditions, and the price would not be small.

  Colin 12:36 06 Aug 2010

anchor - I agree. But I was referring in general.

  anchor 16:48 07 Aug 2010

According to an article in todays Daily Telegraph, travel insurance premiums for the over 80`s are increasing dramatically.

click here

It appears most companies don`t want to insure persons of this age.

hi all thanks for the info there are quite a few who will insure, my mother is going to the states for over a month, that's about the worse you can get.
however I actually got it cheaper than the mondial (under 65) quote follow the links or call from this link click here
some of the big names, saga etc wanted nearly £800 I paid a little under £200 with quite a large excess, but I could pay that if needs be.
My mom is probably fitter than me but there's always the risk of breaking bones in a fall etc.
thanks again.

just to add, when my father had cancer we took him on a cruise to jamaica (where he was based in his navy years) he was very ill but we got insurance for him too but that was over £2000 ten years ago.
just a case of looking hard i think.

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