kchakrak 13:01 08 Jan 2003
  kchakrak 13:01 08 Jan 2003

As Gamesroom has been closed i have to post it here.

Why does MOH:AA have such a good rep?????

1. Its short
2. Graphics are good but simple
3. Omaha beacch mission is amazing but others are crappy and linear
4. same think over and over again

am I MISSING SOMETHING?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  Mac & Beth 13:49 08 Jan 2003

Why?? Because not everyone agrees with the above.

Plently of other have enjoyed MOHAA. I have but can't say the same for Spearhead, AvP and others...

You like what you like and other like what they like.

Perosnally I disagree with all four of your points. But then you might like a game i hate. eg Unreal Tournament - really can't get into that game... or Counterstrike or Quake....

  kchakrak 14:19 08 Jan 2003

Fair enough.

but emough people like it to be able to say that MOH:AA is good and that will be fact.

So i just found it too easy and Linear, u cant roam around places.

  Falkyrn 18:26 08 Jan 2003

Where MOHAA starts to shine is in online multiplayer games ..... it is considerably better pitting your wits against human opponents than the AI of the machine

  two00lbwaster 18:51 08 Jan 2003

online multi player good with mohaa??? rofl not even a patch on the 4yr old halflife and mods, also quake is a much better online experience

as for the game its ok

  Falkyrn 00:05 09 Jan 2003

There are too many cheats in the half life online side and as for unreal ...quake is a matter of taste (its not mine)

  kchakrak 12:00 09 Jan 2003

America army is obviously the best online game ever made. Though the actual army i think are dunces, their better at games.

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