Mobility Scooter battery

  Graham. 22:47 17 Oct 2009

A mobility scooter click here has been donated to our charity. I've not checked it yet, but we need to be sure it is in good working order before offering it for sale.
The battery condition is my main concern, anyone any idea how to check the voltage once it is charged? Would the charger socket read the voltage?

  dagnammit 22:49 17 Oct 2009

I clicked that link and AVG went haywire as did my browser. I don't recommend anyone clicks it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:18 17 Oct 2009

Oh do behave, the link is harmless and shows the mobility scooter. /eyes raise the highest ever this year.


  Forum Editor 23:19 17 Oct 2009

My browser didn't falter, and AVG didn't go 'haywire'.

  lotvic 00:06 18 Oct 2009

I got Medicare Mobility - Travelease Supreme, a picture of a mobility scooter (and a Green OK from WOT indicating a clean safe site)

  I am Spartacus 00:08 18 Oct 2009

How about putting a new one in just to be sure click here

  Paddy 01:08 18 Oct 2009

Fully charge the battery then take it to either a garage or specialist battery supplier (perhaps Halfords) and ask them to check it with a Heavy Discharge Tester. This involves putting an instrument across the contacts which takes a heavy current from the battery, depending on the reading indicates the state of the battery's ability to retain a charge.

Hope this is clear and helps.

  birdface 01:08 18 Oct 2009

With dagnammit on this one stay away from the first click here.I also got attcked.

  birdface 01:33 18 Oct 2009

A red warning for me with WOT on the first click here.
And I will not be checking again to find out if I was right or wrong.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:15 18 Oct 2009

I see no problem with the first click here link. Norton 360 V3 didn't react.

  morddwyd 09:31 18 Oct 2009

They don't have a good life, much less than a similar car battery (they use a gel, rather than a liquid, electrolyte), and give good off load readings even when about to fail, so I wouldn't take too much trouble with it.

Replace it anyway - use a similar sized golf buggy battery, they're cheaper (and more widely available.

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