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  peaklander 21:42 20 Nov 2007

I seem to have reached an impasse with mobile following their repair of a rock direct laptop and would be grateful to hear of anyone else's experience and advice on the best way forward.

our laptop was seriousy damaged by liquid and was repaired at our expense- an £80 inspection and collection fee and £800 for the repairs. (it was a special edition pink 18th birthday present) It was initially returned to us with an incorrectly fitted keyboard, we sent it back, they apologised and returned it with another keyboard- they did have some problems sourcing parts which I can understand so the whole thing took about 2 months. But on its return the keyboard is awful- the keys on the right hand side stick - the enter key sticks down for about 0.5 second and the other keys on the right hand side have an unpleasant stiff kerclick action. I phoned them immediately it arrived to say I was not happy with it and returned it to them. This time they said there was no fault with the keyboard and returned it in the same condition. After trying to put up with it for three weeks I wrote to the MD telling him I was not satisfied and asking him to respond within 3 weeks with his proposed solution. 4 weeks have passed and I have not had any acknowledgement or reply.

From others experience should I write again recorded delivery? Ask someone else to fix it then use the small claims court? Or does anbody have any other idea please?

  Forum Editor 22:58 20 Nov 2007

It sounds as if the replacement keyboard has been incorrectly fitted, although short of seeing it I can't be 100% sure.

You're in a difficult position here, because the company has said it can find no fault with the keyboard - it's your word against theirs. I very much doubt that you're going to receive a response to your letter of four weeks ago, and if you are determined to get satisfaction on this you're going to have to take some form of action.

I suggest that you write to the company, saying that you are not satisfied that the repair for which you have already paid has been satisfactorily carried out. Make the point that by the company's own admission it has already fitted a keyboard incorrectly on one occasion, and say that you intend to pursue the matter vigorously. Say that you reserve your rights in law, and that unless you hear from them within 7 days from receipt of your letter, with a satisfactory proposal of how they intend to rectify the matter you will immediately institute proceedings against them for the recovery of your money, and for damages incurred as a result of being unable to use the machine. Say that you will employ the services of a third-party expert to determine that the keyboard is incorrectly fitted, and that you will add the cost of this advice to the claim that you make in the small claims court.

Send the letter by special delivery - not recorded delivery.

If you receive no response to that letter you'll be faced with a decision - either to plough on and make good on your threat to start legal action, or find someone else to fit a keyboard and stand the loss. It's a stark choice, and of course you would have to convince a small claims judge that the keyboard was indeed wrongly fitted - this may mean finding an expert who is prepared to confirm the fact.

  birdface 10:57 21 Nov 2007

Most of us would have claimed our house insurance and received a new laptop from them,But obviously this one has sentimental value to you so you paid for the repair.Now like yourself if I paid £800 plus to have it repaired I would expect it back it back in 1st class condition.Would it be possible to send it back to the maker for there assessment of it,And for them to fix any faults and then Bill mobile for the cost.If they then refuse to reimburse you for the repair you would then maybe stand a better chance of winning in a small claims court.

  birdface 11:02 21 Nov 2007

Sorry if I have got this mixed up.Is mobile part of Rock Direct.If so please ignore my advice.

  peaklander 21:03 21 Nov 2007

Thanks for your advice so far. Yes rock direct and mobile support are one and the same as far as I can see. Is there any possible recourse or suport possible through the ISO 9001 acreditation scheme do you think?
I dont want to get into too much detail on the forum or get in any way personal because all I really want is for them to fix it to my satisfaction. Most people who have tried it say its unacceptable with 10 keys having a different much stiffer feel than the rest and the enter key sticking down. It does get better after about 10 minutes use and then reverts to stiff and sticky when next used.

  birdface 00:55 22 Nov 2007

I am sorry I have had a look at ISO 9001 But unfortunately it is a bit beyond me.maybe the Forum editor may be the best one to ask with his connections he may also know where you can get a proper assessment on the repairs carried out.Now rock direct have their own forum and may have an address on it for complaints. click here Like the forum editor says that you would need to find an expert who can confirm the fact that the repair to the computer was not satisfactory.Before you could take it to a small claims court.This must be very frustrating for you and I hope that you manage to get the problem solved.

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