Mobile Phone Signal

  babybell 12:19 06 Oct 2009

I have recently moved into a new house in which I receive no network coverage on my mobile and as such it is useless to me. The only other place I use it is at work and I cannot get signal there either. All other times, out and about etc, the signal is ok, but not brilliant.

Is there enough reason for my contract with my mobile company to become void, as technically I am not being provided with a service?

I know a judge in America recently agreed that this was enough justification for cancelling but I know not of any cases in the UK as yet?

  wiz-king 13:21 06 Oct 2009

They will say it is an extra 'feature' and you should be charged more! No middle of the feature film phone calls.

  babybell 13:44 06 Oct 2009

Its an extra feature to be able to have signal and use my phone???

  birdface 14:48 06 Oct 2009

You take the phone out on a yearly contract.I would imagine they would expect you to honour the contract it not their problem that you have shifted houses and now don't get a signal.If just a new contract they may let you out of it.

  Woolwell 15:19 06 Oct 2009

Have you contacted them and asked if they can suggest anything or a cancellation?

  spuds 16:58 06 Oct 2009

click here might help?.

  morddwyd 20:43 06 Oct 2009

I would think it unlikely.

Try getting a refund on your gas cooker if you move to a rural area with no gas, or a refund on your TV licence if you move to an area with no signal

  birdface 21:13 06 Oct 2009

If you choose a contract phone rather than a pre-pay phone, you will be committed to using a certain network, at a certain tariff for a minimum period of time without any legal right to change tariff or cancel,

Had it less than 7 days you can cancel.

  Forum Editor 23:07 06 Oct 2009

wherever you are - it simply can't be done.

  Stuartli 15:34 07 Oct 2009
  birdface 15:51 07 Oct 2009

Phone them up tell them that you have shifted houses a can't pick up a signal.
With orange they could change where the signal was coming from and change what mast you were getting your signal from to one nearer you.

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