Mobile Phone Scam

  Dendmar 05:19 16 Jul 2007

I have been following the MBS saga with interest, happy in the fact that it does not apply to me. However, I have been affected and thousands of others by another dubious but not so legal way of extracting money from the unsophisticated punter.

Last week I received an advertising text message from giving me a password to join them via the Internet. It was from FreeMessage. I ignored but less than hour later a similar message arrived from 78181. I ignored this as well but was suspicious. I checked my mobile account to discover that I have been charged £1.50 inc VAT. I have had no contact with PrizeDonkey or the holding Company behind the charge. They just told me someone gave them my number in order to earn points in this PrizeDonkey enterprise (You earn points by bringing in new mwmbers and get vouchers to exchange in top well known stores)

In short this company just sends out unsolicited text messages to your mobile and charges you £1.50. I wonder how many Pay as YGO are unaware that they have been charged - even contract where the owner doesn't check his bill.

The real scandal is that this marketing is regulated by ICSTIS who, to be fair, are fining these companies several thousands of pounds but the scam continues as the profits far outway the fines.

The only way to stop this kind of theft is to tell others to be aware and check their Text Messages and phone bill.

The slight upside to all this is that I contacted the operating company who lays the charge and they have immediately offered me a £2.00 refund saying that someone else had put my number into them. I await the receipt of this.

All in all I believe this is legalised theft. The police are not interested and pass you to ICSTIS.

  polish 22:10 16 Jul 2007

i had something similar earlier in the year but cannot remember who sent the text because i just delete them when thry arrive without looking queried this on my bill 02 apolgised but said there was nothing they could do how can these companies be allowed to get away with this?.

  spuds 22:54 16 Jul 2007

That is the problem, these companies do get away with because there is very little policing, and as previously pointed, the fines do not really act as a deterrent to some companies and their bosses.

  anchor 11:15 18 Jul 2007

Maybe if the courts gave the directors prison sentences, (as other fraudsters have received), they would not be so keen to rip people off.

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