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  Smokeyone 09:37 27 Apr 2009

I thinking of getting an HTC all singing and dancing pda phone. If anyone has an internet enabled phone can you actually see what you are doing on such a small screen - for instance - could you actually book a flight -
The HTC screen size is 2.8 inches

  AlouetteIII 12:09 27 Apr 2009

I can barely see it on my 19in monitor, but that could be an age thing!

  interzone55 13:12 27 Apr 2009

I couldn't possibly comment on the visibilty, but I've been looking at mobile internet deals and some of the supposedly "unlimited mobile internet" offers have caps as low as 50mb a month, so check the usage limits on any contract before you sign anything...

  Woolwell 14:50 27 Apr 2009

I have an HTC with a slightly smaller screen than the one you are considering. It is ok for sites that are set up for mobiles ie have a version for PDA. I find it is hopeless for other sites as you have to scroll around too much and cannot see enough. It depends on which site you want to book a flight and how it has been set up.

  dms_05 15:40 27 Apr 2009

Depends upon which browser you use. If you download and run Opera for Mobiles it loads the full page and you can enlarge small areas by tapping on the touch screen on my HTC. This makes all the page very readable but is slightly slower than browsing on a full size screen.

  Woolwell 16:46 27 Apr 2009

I think that you have to pay for Opera for Mobiles whilst Opera Mini is free.

  Pauldunstan 18:02 27 Apr 2009

I've found opera mini quite easy to use on a 176x220 screen as long as there is no java content on the page.

  Forum Editor 19:07 27 Apr 2009

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and the screen is fine for browsing - as long as you're not planning a long session. I haven't used it to book a flight yet, but I reckon I could do it without too much hassle - my phone has a very good zoom tool.

  laurie53 20:00 27 Apr 2009

Speaking personally the answer to the basic question is No!

Might use it in an emergency, but not for normal choice.

However, I am retired and therefore much of my time is spent within range of my router, with a laptop to hand!

  Smokeyone 07:24 28 Apr 2009

Thanks all for the advice. I was not planning on making a habit of booking flights from the phone but it's the sort of thing that could well crop up.
I am actually thinking of getting this HTC so if anyone has any comments -
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  interzone55 09:10 28 Apr 2009

Never used an HTC phone, but here's a review from The Register, 88% which is a good score...

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