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  cottager 21:10 12 Mar 2003

Three and a half weeks ago I phoned's support lines, after listening to music for a considerable length of time a chap came on the line to inform me that "all our guys are busy just now" and he took my phone number and said someone would call back. After nearly a week I emailed them, a prompt response came back from Caroline who said that Simon would be contacting me and since then silence.
How does one get any joy/answers. The last time I emailed them and had to wait days for a reply, I emailed them again and then got a long screed of how understaffed/overworked they were which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

  powerless 21:44 12 Mar 2003

Whats's the problem? Stick it in the helproom and who knows it may be a problem no more.

I've phoned evesham, had to wait 20 minutes on the one time and 20 seconds on the next. Oh and an unreturned phone call :-(

I think it's always best to phone, never email. They probably get flooded with 1000's of emails a day. Reply to them on a first in the inbox and first out the outbox. I'm guessing there but, who knows. There maybe be a delay of a working day, two working days - bad luck there.

You email them on the Friday, you dont get a reply till the Monday.

When you do (if you) get through they are helpful :-)

  bfoc 23:26 12 Mar 2003

Sorry to hear about the problem.

I have had some difficulties with a new machine (I'll give fuller details here when it is resolved) but in fairness when I phoned Tech Support on Saturday I got through after a 15 minute wait and when I phoned later they took my number and phoned me back. They also phoned me back later that afternoon and had an engineer here by Tuesday!

If the problem is not resolved quickly there was an e-mail address on here which I believe got results.

Best of luck

  JoeC 11:13 13 Mar 2003
  anchor 12:10 13 Mar 2003

Try this one:

Customer Support Manager: Gary Street

[email protected]

by the way, I tried to send you a message by clicking on the envelope next to your name. It was returned to me with the statement,

reason: 550 Invalid recipient

  cheapskate2k 13:00 13 Mar 2003

I had a bit of a problem with the performance of my machine, nothing major but still resolved the problem within a week or so just using email. They arent all bad.

  Jonathan314159 16:11 13 Mar 2003

I was frustrated when I phoned the technical support line (this was December last year). Given that the response after a long wait was that they would phone me back, I started to phone the customer support line instead. At least the phone was answered much more quickly, and they always called me back within 24 hours. They also relied quickly to an email. And they sorted the problem out pretty quickly.

Not as good as I'd hoped for given their high reputation, but much better than many of the stories you read on the board.

  ROCKHARD 18:52 13 Mar 2003

I had a problem with the DVD drive. I received a reply to my e-mail from Evesham asking me to contact them to arrange for an engineer to call & replace. Appointment made for today (Thursday) and I was given a time between 9 & 1pm. Engineer called at 11am with replacement drive - very impressed by his professionalism / manner and the response of Evesham. O.K. the delay in answering the phone leaves a bit to be desired but all things considered I would definitely recommend the company and having read numerous complaints about other companies, I think their after sales service is excellent.

  simonp1 11:00 14 Mar 2003

My first problem with my new pc resulted in 5 hours worth of calls to them, yes they seldom call back hence the amount of calls to them. The advice given was a waste of time, they kept telling me it was software issues etc until i came on this foram then the hole sarga was resolved in 5 days. The result was faulty ram, which i told them(Advice from helproom) but they just did not listen.It only took 4 months to sort out as well, wasnt i luckly. Another hardware problem resulted again much time on the phone, no call backs. Now i payed an extra warranty to get an enginer to come out in a 2 day service, well 7 days is close i guess. Most importantly though, the engineer told me they are now having to set up machines and train the customers in how to use them, i guess theres a charge invovled, instead of just repair servies hence the long wait for them to come out. Its sad to say, but if i ever need advice or have an issue i never call Evesham, i end up feeling angry in how poor there customer service really is ( Well in my personal experinces). The only advice i can give is keep ringing them if you feel they are the only people who can resolve the matter.

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