mkcables have took money but no del, advice please

  ©®@$? 12:43 17 Jun 2004

hi all, i am doing this topic for my dad!

he placed an order with mkcables click here on 23/5/04, money was took from his account on the 7/6/04 and it is now 17/6/04 and he has not recived his order..

he has sent them numberous emails, they dont reply, he has phoned them numberous times, no-one answers, he has left messages nobody replies..

has anyone else heard of mkcables or had any dealings with them

what can he do, who can he contact?

mkcables guarantee is to deliver in 5 days from order, or if they dont have the item(s) in stock they will give you the option to wait or cancel...all my dad has had from them was the automated process after he ordered, they will not communicate..sounds very suspicious

is there a way to run a check on this buisness to see if it's legit, or can he contact trading standards regarding this, or contact an internet group that deals with this sort of thing, we really aren't clued up with this sort of thing, so if anyone can adivse on the situation, possibly with some contact details for someone who deals with this type of thing would be great


  pmjd 20:13 18 Jun 2004

Did your Dad pay with his credit card or a debit card with purchase protection? If so it maybe time to involve them to recover the money.

If not then I don't know. Not a company I have heard of but I'm not exactly in th market for cabling at the moment.


  bananaslik 20:47 18 Jun 2004

hi ©®@$?,where r this company from,where is the telephone number dail code for?

  spuds 20:59 18 Jun 2004

This company doesn't seem to observe its own information terms and conditions. Accordingly it should have despatched the items on the 07/06/04, and allowing the five days suggested, you should have received the goods by now. Try faxing them on 01908 263370, and see if they respond.Request also, information of their despatching courier methods, in case the goods are lost in transit.

MK are a well known branded electrical component manufacturer, but I cannot understand if mk cables are a subsidery of the MK Group.

  byfordr 21:24 18 Jun 2004

Is it Milton Keynes?

  ©®@$? 22:08 18 Jun 2004

hi all, cheers for the responses

their phone number is 01908261350

my dad paid by cheque

i'll have to ask my dad where they are from, but i recall my dad saying that the address had farm in it, so i think they are not a big company as they must be working from home, farm lane or something similar the address was, i don't know the full address but my dad does, i'll have to ask him...

and i havn't got a fax machine..if they don't respond to their emails or phone calls, i don't think they will respond to a fax...

  Ronnie208 22:41 18 Jun 2004

If you have a computer you have a fax or even go here click here

  Forum Editor 22:48 18 Jun 2004

by failing to publish full details of their postal address on the site. This is a requirement of the distance selling regulations, but apart from that, the absence of any means of contact except email is always a discouraging sign as far as I'm concerned.
If your father paid by cheque how did he obtain an address? As far as I can see there's no option to pay in this way at the checkout, so how did he come to do so?

  ©®@$? 22:50 18 Jun 2004

i shall go and phone him now, and find out

  ©®@$? 22:56 18 Jun 2004

he said there was an option to pay by card or cheque at the checkout, and he got the address after he placed the order/automated!

the address is

internet sales


co 29 carters yard

carters lane

kiln farm

milton keynes



this looks really dodgey to me!

cowboys...i bet their not even paying taxes on what they sell huhum on what they rip off!

  spuds 00:47 19 Jun 2004

This company appears to have other names at the address given. Here's one Littlebush Systems Ltd click here

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