Mitsubishi Diamondtron 93SB

  Air_Man 16:22 11 Jun 2004

Can anyone tell me where I can buy a Mitsubishi Diamondtron 93SB on the "high street" rather than online. With a purchase like this, I want to be able to pick it up and return it if there is a problem.

Thanx in advance

  SANTOS7 19:41 11 Jun 2004

it would rather depend on where you live

  Air_Man 08:06 12 Jun 2004

Nottingham, England

  Stuartli 09:23 12 Jun 2004

It could also prove somewhat considerably more expensive..:-)

Mitsubishi is a manufacturer of very high quality products and has an excellent after sales service reputation.

My Mitsubishi H85 Nicam VCR is 11 years old, has a vast choice of audio and video features and has never missed a beat in that time.

Sadly Mitsubishi virtually pulled out of the television and VCR market in the UK in the late 1990s - electing to just stick with monitors - because people believed that paying the lowest price was more important.

Thankfully its expertise and quality is still recognised in the monitor world as being amongst the best around.

So have no fear about buying a 93SB whatever the source. Many system manufacturers also rebadge Mitsi monitors under their own name.

Incidentally, the Diamontron tube is based on Sony's Trinitron and manufactured under licence from Sony.

  OU812 12:48 12 Jun 2004

Try Jigsaw which are based in Nottingham so should be quite handy for you since you can order over the phone or online and I am pretty sure you should be able to pick up your order from them directly and returning it in the event of a problem will be easy.

click here

I just brought a 93SB from them which was delivered (Next Day business) yesterday.

Unfortunately it does not meet my needs or expectations so I will be returning it to them next week (in person). I went off on one about it here in the forum early this morning! click here

  Stuartli 14:26 12 Jun 2004

Perhaps you had better read my second posting in your other thread...

  OU812 15:20 12 Jun 2004

Yeah missed that Stuartli, but you know funnilly enough I too sit directly in front of the screen when I use it, since my previous monitor was a TFT I wouldn't have got very far with any other sort of arrangement.

Good luck if you choose to buy.

  OU812 15:34 12 Jun 2004

Just read your second post we shall have to agree to differ re the pros and cons of TFT's vs CRT's I know what I think.

However I must take you up of your point re the distance selling regulations since under the United Kingdom’s Distance Selling Regulations, you DO have the right to cancel the Contract for the purchase of any Goods within 7 working days of delivery. A working day is any day other than weekends and bank or other public holidays. Provided that you return the Goods in the same condition that they were delivered.

Therefore I or anyone else has the right to return goods found to be unsuitable within the 7 day cooling off period, regardless as to whether they conform to the terms of the Sale of Goods act or not.

This Act Is also the reason I feel confident purchasing products online since I know if they don't meet my expectations I can get my money back.

  Stuartli 15:54 12 Jun 2004

Ah yes, but your expectations regarding the Mitsubishi 93SB or any similar set are way above what the actual design provides; in other words it is not "unsuitable" as you infer above, but a misconception on your part.

You have failed to do some research or see such a monitor in use first - as the link I provided to the explanation for a "flat screen" CRT makes clear - and you cannot blame the retailer in any way for your own error.

Incidentally, I was never accessing the pros and cons of TFT/laptop v CRT - merely pointing out that TFT/laptop screens are genuinely flat.

As for your comment "...but you know funnilly enough I too sit directly in front of the screen when I use it..", the point being made in my case was that any curvature visible is obviously at its minimum.

  OU812 16:12 12 Jun 2004

I know TFT's are flat since I have been using one at home for the last 18 months.

Yes I did have expectations of this monitor and no those expectations have not been met. In retrospect trying to save money in this fashion as opposed to spending say another 120-150 quid on a 17' TFT was a mistake.

Two pluses have however come from this firstly using a CRT has shown up shortcoming's in my existing TFT in multimedia that I thought were gFx card related and has lifted my opinion of my current 9600XT and secondly when I do stump up the cash for a 17' (at least) TFT It will be in the knowledge that its an expense that's worth it (to me) given the CRT alternative.

To finish good luck again if you choose to buy at 93SB, I think from your post that you will probably be happy with it-but thats for you to find out in use.

  Air_Man 07:34 13 Jun 2004

Re: Local sellers - will pop into Jigsaw on Monday. Re: 93SB - can't be worse than my current 17" Compaq MV720. I'll stick with it I think.

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