Missold graphics card?

  appletree14 12:47 23 Dec 2008

I recently bought a laptop for my younger daughter's use, and on advice from her sister (who knows a bit about computers) she said to make sure it had a seperate graphics card? My daughter likes to play games. This was a couple of months ago.

Anyway D visited and looked at the sister's laptop and apparently it doesn't have the graphics card I was told it has.

The receipt says that it was a 'Geforce 8400' and she says that it is some kind of Chipset (?) I can't remember the name. So I am worried and want to check. How do I find out what card I have inside the computer?

Also could anyone possibly advise, if this is the wrong type of card from what I ordered, will I be able to get it changed? Problem being I checked the contract and it says that problems and wrong specifications must be reported in a week of purchase - which has now passed.

Thanks in advance and merry christmas!

  brundle 13:11 23 Dec 2008

Use this.click here

The 8400 is a pretty decent graphics chipset for a laptop.

  appletree14 13:13 23 Dec 2008

The problem is, it doesn't have a geforce 8400, it was supposed to. So the computer doesn't match the receipt.

  Clapton is God 13:25 23 Dec 2008

"So the computer doesn't match the receipt"

If that's the case, take it back to the shop.

  carver 13:47 23 Dec 2008

You said that you bought a laptop, in that case what make and model is it, that way at least it would give people a clue as to what you have.

  rickf 15:48 23 Dec 2008

Should have have the chipset. Laptops do not separate graphics card 'cause of size. If you go to systems, device manager then hardware. Right Click on display adapters and it would say GeForce 8400. I'm pretty sure about that. Hope that's clear

  iscanut 16:14 23 Dec 2008

What graphics system does it have after following brundle's and rickf's advice ? If not as your order specifies, do what Clapton says..take it back. They cannot get out of their obligations. Wjo did you buy it from ?

  MAT ALAN 17:18 23 Dec 2008

Laptops have chipsets, (graphics adapter not card) some are soldered and some are not, if it is soldered it is not replacable unless you wanna pay squillions.

I would say it does have the graphics adapter it says it has...

  Forum Editor 18:39 23 Dec 2008

and post details of the laptop - which model, and who you bought it from. Do that, and we'll very quickly be able to set your mind at rest.....or otherwise.

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