Mission Impossible - PC for £500?

  MrAnderson 18:22 06 May 2003

Okay people -your mission should you accept it:

Find me a PC that will please a 13 year girl into MP3, Surfing the net, storing and photo shopping photo's and a few games (i cant say Doom will be needed!).

Internet will only be via dial up so we dont need any flash modems.

Not bothered about any major software although XP OS would be nice.

Oh and we cant build one -

I am stumped



  jeez 18:33 06 May 2003

Argos- celeron 2ghz £499. Watford.co.uk plenty of systems under £500. Staples hp 414.uk (athlon 1800xp, 17in monitor, 40gb hdd, 256mbddr, xp home, worksuite2003, usb 2.0) £498 (this is what i'm using to type this :-)) hope this helps, but really it's no mission imposible, they're everywhere inc pc world.

  davidg_richmond 18:50 06 May 2003

compaq 3050 £499.99 Dixons/PC World - Athlon 2000+, 256MB DDR RAM, 40Gb HDD, 17" Monitor, WinXP Home + Word 2002/Works V7.0. Just a DVD ROM though, no CDRW but these are only £35-40 nowadays.

  MrAnderson 20:01 06 May 2003

Thanks for the replies.

I like the look of the Compaq - more proc power for your pound

With it only having a DVD I wont be able to play any CDs will I?

(sorry this is a dumb question but I am really tired)



  mole44 20:04 06 May 2003

yes you will

  Patr100 20:05 06 May 2003

A DVD drive will play CDs as well either music or programs.

  MrAnderson 20:07 06 May 2003

Believe it not I used to be a regular helper on these boards !hahahaha

Is china still around in MOD capacity?



  leo49 20:40 06 May 2003

A rave from the grave - how goes it?

If she's into music then she'll want to burn and the extra £30-£40 is well worth it to prevent her turning her nose up.


  leo49 20:41 06 May 2003

PS china is now[still]our official Mr FE.

  OneSirKnight 21:15 06 May 2003

My only advice is get your specs that have a design for and shop around, just because the likes of pc world have a large selection I can guarantee that you can save £s by shopping around.that quote by davidg_richmond I know for a fact thats is not cheap,can be bought for around £150 cheaper.
What area do you live in.

  H-J 21:40 06 May 2003

Do you need a screen to go with it? a lot of system prices that look cheap might not include a screen-read the smallprint. and check if you can walk out with it or do you have to order-and whether or not there is a deliver charge


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