Missing Willow Internet

  Raymond-195343 22:06 06 May 2005

Having problems with my ISP. Started with Rabbit Broadband but I cancelled in December last year due to poor service, but was unable to contact them to obtain mac no until Feb 2005 where it transpired they had become Willow. They eventually supplied a mac no which had expired when I went to use it straight away and I have been trying to contact them ever since. Letters, emails and phone calls with answer phone messages not returned. Contacted Watch Dog & Ofcom to complain but no positive response as yet. Zen or Nildram contacted as they are thought to be the hosts but Nildram decline to give that sort of info. BT can't help either. Stuck in Catch 22 situation as I can't release the line for another provider. Don't touch them with a barge pole. Next step visit the office in Haywards Heath if it still exists.

  spuds 01:10 07 May 2005

Their website is still very active.

Further information click here

  Raymond-195343 08:29 07 May 2005

Thanks 'Spuds', but I have tried this loads of times by letters, emails and ringing, but the don't respond. It seems as if they have disappeared, is anybody else using them and having trouble?

  anchor 09:18 07 May 2005

Very frustrating. Perhaps there is a forum member, who lives in Haywards Heath, who might be kind enough to go and see if the Willow Internet office is still there. That might save you a wasted journey.

1st Floor,
133 South Road,
Haywards Heath,
RH16 4LY

  Raymond-195343 13:17 07 May 2005

Thanks 'Anchor' Lets hope there is someone who works nearby who could just see if the office is occupied. If it is, I can visit them, as it will be a 280 mile round trip and I don't want to do that without knowing I have a chance of seeing someone.

  spuds 21:17 07 May 2005

Just completed a company search, and it would appear as though there are two registered Willow's providing or was providing an internet service.

Willow Internet Limited. Registered office: 8 Ashenground Road, Hayward Heath, West Sussex, RH16 4PP. Company Registeration number 05424236. Date of Incorporation 14/04/2005.Active.

Willow Internet Services Limited. Registered office: Ground Floor, Broadway House, 2-6 Fulham Broadway, Fulham, London SW6 1AA. Company Reigistration number 04778249.Date of Incorporation 28/05/2003. Dissolved 11/01/2005.

So this could solve the problem, depending on which Willow Internet is/was the provider.One closed down on the 11/01/2005, and the other commenced on the 14/04/2005.Whether these two companies have any connections via directors, managers, shareholders I would not know at this point.

  anchor 14:27 09 May 2005

Have a read:

click here

  Raymond-195343 18:06 09 May 2005

Sorry I have not responded earlier but been away. Well people this is interesting as I had to pay Willow by cheque on 16th Feb for three months service from December till Feb so they would give me my mac no, which turned out to be expired. The cheque has been cashed, but by who? I will do some more research this evening into the Fulham address and see what transpires. I was also wondering when Rabbit was closed down and their directors. I am sure when I spoke to some guy on one of the occasions I did get through the name Mr.Hunt was mentioned but whether it was when I was speaking to Rabbit or Willow I don't know. I am beginning to think Rabbit and both Willows are all the same guys who are operating some form of business that when things get sticky, they closed it down and start again.

  Raymond-195343 20:41 09 May 2005

Checked into the Wired Sussex thing and they look like a group of women who have formed a co-operative to form an electronic business organisation. So they seem Ok and not linked to WIllow Internet.

  Raymond-195343 20:49 09 May 2005

Searched around still further and found Mr Hunt turned up as [email protected] as well as under [email protected], together with a fax number 0207 981 3000, which is very interesting, so I will take action with these tomorrow to see what response I get, if any. Happy days!!!!

  anchor 09:35 10 May 2005

Extract from the link I gave yesterday:

"Through some very persistent detective work in my part I managed to track down the director of Willow Internet - Michael Hunt and spoke to him on 20/4/05 and he kept apologising for the problems and assured me that he would order the cancellation of my line. He gave me his personal mobile number so I could contact him and I will now share that with you - 07837 720688. I have managed to speak to him earlier this week on that number, but now he has stopped answering.
My line is still connected to Willow, and I am now dealing with Ofcom to try and resolve this dispute".

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